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It’s never too late to smarten up a tired floor! Just have a chat with Alan at John Cooper Carpets in Lymington about the kind of carpet you need.  Pop into the showroom on Ampress Park (opposite Screwfix!) or give Alan a ring on 01590 675955.


Exclusive Greendale range - Price match guarantee

The excellent Greendale carpet and flooring range is offered exclusively by John Cooper Carpets in the Lymington and New Forest area and offers brilliant value for great quality, whilst John Cooper Carpets & Flooring will also ensure first class fitting and aftercare.


Quality at incredible prices with modern polypropylene carpets

greendale john cooper carpets lymington lifestyleIf you have previously always opted for wool carpets, it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider the benefits of ‘modern lifestyle’ carpets.

 In Alan’s words:

“In the last 5 years we have seen a massive shift towards the sale of more polypropylene carpets over more traditional wool blends. In fact whereas 10 years ago the market was 70% wool and 30% polypropylene, now it’s the reverse.  And there are some good reasons why that’s come about."

 Whilst we’ll never fall out of love with wool, there are some big pros to polypropylene- and they’re not only to do with price.


The major advantages are:-

Remove the stain, not the colour!

greendale john cooper carpets lymington red wine stainPolypropylene has fantastic resistance to stain and soiling. It is not dyed to a particular colour, it is made using yarn that is manufactured from the chosen colour. Like a stick of rock it has the colour all the way through. So when an unfortunate accident occurs, you simply can’t rub the colour away with the stain. Which if you have dogs or young children – or older ones who insist on taking their food into the living room! – is definitely worth consideration.

Polypropylene is actually bleach cleanable - so not only can you remove the stain without the colour, you can also use something quite strong like a bleach solution, to clean it quickly and effectively.

Polypropylene is cheaper than wool

It has to be said that Polypropylene is typically also much cheaper than wool blends. The cost of wool has increased by about a third in the last few years. Whilst polypropylene has simply matched inflation – but at the same time has dramatically improved in performance, looks and feel.

But polypropylene doesn’t mean “cheap”. A really good quality 2-ply polypropylene carpet such as those made by Greendale Carpets is a viable alternative to a good wool carpet, saving about 25% on a like for like basis.


Polypropylene is mothproof!

Polypropylene carpets are definitely the best option if you have had a bad experience with carpet moth. Over the last 20 years we have seen a dramatic increase in the occurrence of carpet moth, it seems the little ‘blighters’ have become immune to treatments. Polypropylene is great because being a man-made fibre it is not part of the diet of the moths.greendale john cooper carpets lymington wellies

We feel the combination of all these benefits make good quality polypropylene carpets an excellent option for modern lifestyle – where maintenance and cleaning are not high on your list of priorities and there are simply too many other things to do on the weekends!

Polypropylene carpets will have an option for you at John Cooper Carpets – give us a call or pop in to our showroom for a chat – at the same time you can inspect the sample books and compare the feel and the colours of both polypropylene against wool, and the range of polypropylene carpets offered by our really excellent suppliers Greendale Carpets.”



greendale john cooper carpets lymington bare feetJohn Cooper Carpets is open  Mondays to Fridays 9am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm.

19 Lymington Enterprise Centre, Ampress Lane, Lymington, SO41 8LZ.

01590 675955.






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