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You probably know that BHG Marine moved from Ampress a couple of years ago and now enjoys a riverside home in Lymington, in Bridge Road close to the level crossing. What you may not realise though, is that tucked behind the new BHG front door is a serious Tardis of a building behind, which houses a carefully selected range of dayboats, safety boats and RIBs, kayaks and paddleboards, plus a plethora of quality water kit of various kinds. Well worth an explore...
There’s plenty of parking in front of the building, then say hello to the office staff whose desks you'll walk past, and somebody will undoubtedly get up to greet you!

Treasure trove of all good things boats and boating

From there you’re into a treasure trove of all good things boats and boating. And, if you like the water (and who living in Lymington doesn’t!), you’ll likely find there’s something here for you!  There’s much less on show than there used to be in BHG’s former premises in Ampress Park, but I think I can sum it up that it’s ALL quality stuff.

Boat show prices, every day

And with a new strapline “Boat Show Prices, Every Day” BHG promises quality product at competitive price - which should spell a big “win win”, for all locally based current and would-be boat people.

Some of the products you’ll find at BHG Marine:

Jeanneau Dayboat

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If you’re looking for a quality fibreglass dayboat...you might take a look at the brand new Jeanneau Merry Fisher 695 which was launched at the 2014 Southampton Boat Show. With two good size double berths and a sea toilet compartment, it can take an engine of up to 175hp. Perfect family weekender, ideal for fishing, cruising, overnighting and even waterskiing! Talk about an all rounder!

Ocean Kayak

Kayaking is such a great leisure activity, for all ages, shapes and sizes who just want to get on the water.bhg-marine-kayaking.jpg - 10.33 kb


BHG’s kayaks come in various shapes and sizes, the focus is on maximum fun wherever you can find the water to launch it into, with high quality inflatable kayaks for one or two paddlers – who increasingly span age range and lifestage from small children to great grandparents!

I was very tempted by an inflatable double kayak to take on my holidays to France, at £350 including tough collapsible paddles it really did seem a very good price indeed.

Hire a Kayak for the Day

Something else you may not know, is that you can also hire Ocean Kayaks from BHG, by the half or full day. Very reasonable prices, and perfect for a spontaneous “bare” paddle up the river! http://www.bhg-marine.co.uk/kayak-hire

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding is THE fastest growing watersport right now and once you've tried it, it's easy to see why!  You can easily take your paddleboard on holiday and all the family will enjoy it - for the extreme sports enthusiasts it's great when it's not windy enough for kitesurfing or windsurfing, whilst on a hot calm day it's a lovely cooler for the less sportily inclined too. BHG have carefully selected tough, practical, Aquaglide as their preferred paddleboard brand.



Rigiflex Safety Boats

Rigiflex makes extremely tough, plastic safety boats used in yacht and dinghy sailing clubs all around the country.

BHG has been supplying Rigiflex boats for many years - to individuals and families who appreciate their quality and durability, to commercial customers, to clubs and associations.
Something I didn’t know and probably many others didn’t either, because the people at BHG tend to be rather modest and just get on with doing a good job well: last winter when the Somerset Levels went under water, BHG responded to a cry for help issued at the London Boat Show from the people of Mulchney, who were watching flood levels rising and threatening their homes as well as their livelihoods.
Within six hours of the appeal, BHG’s Rigiflex boat was in Mulchney helping to ferry people, pets and valuables – and there it stayed performing a much needed role for some considerable time until its job was complete – in fact it only returned to Lymington later in the summer.

BHG Marine and RIBs

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A few years ago a new RIB was practically a fashion statement for any individual or family living or holidaying near open water. The Boat Shows were full of “rigid inflatable” boats at incredibly attractive prices, being offered by a rapidly increasing number of RIB manufacturers from around the world attempting to cash in on the bandwagon.
Since the recession there’s been a welcome consolidation in the RIB market, and a move back to quality boats at sensible prices. The long established, well known and trusted RIB maker “Avon” (all the orange safety RIBs at the local sailing clubs were Avon RIBs) was bought some years ago by Zodiac RIBS and it’s Zodiac which BHG Marine now represents and promotes. It’s a reputable European boat builder with a pedigree. These days without the lesser quality Far East competition you’ll pay a good deal more for a brand new RIB but Zodiac RIBs are built to last so you won’t suffer the rapid depreciation, either.

Outboard Engines – Yamaha

Based on many years experience with engines, BHG believes that Yamaha - with its enormous range of engine sizes - is the best all round outboard engine manufacturer. Perhaps even more importantly supply of parts for after care is always excellent. BHG servicing and maintenance staff are fully trained and know their Yamaha engines inside out - literally!

Prop Guard European Distributor

BHG Marine is the European distributor for Prop Guards. A prop guard is a little piece of plastic which does an incredibly important job, which in certain circumstances is considered absolutely essential. It protects people from the extreme damage which can be done by the propeller. In numerous children’s and adult sailing clubs and many other places where people are likely to fall in the water and need to be rescued, with the best safety measures in place (turn off the engine when in rescue mode), without prop protection there’s nevertheless always just a chance when things happen too quickly, that serious injury or worse will be done. With prop guard in place this simply cannot happen. Paul Martin whose family has owned BHG Marine for many years and is BHG’s current calm and competent helm, is quietly passionate about Prop Guard.


BHG back to their roots

BHG have in fact gone back to what they’re best at, and as in times gone by are now concentrating on doing a few things, very well indeed.
Time to go and see for yourself, maybe?

BHG Marine
Bridge Road
SO41 9BY

Phone: 01590 613600
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.bhg-marine.co.uk


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