E-bikes and e-biking in the New Forest: Boost Bike Hub Brockenhurst

Has the time in your life come for an e-bike?

Best place to find out: Boost Bike Hub in Brockenhurst

e-biking a fun form of leisure travel for the New ForestOver the last year or so, if our friends are anything to go by, switching to an e-bike seems to have transformed from a cool (but maybe lazy?!) move to the everyday norm. 

Meanwhile, watching our mates with great big, smug smiles that spread across their faces as they mount their bikes and set off speedily and silently from the pub or our house - after whatever reason for a visit, there was no need to get the car out – and it’s all starting to look rather easeful and really quite pleasant! It's stirring up more than a little envy, even though we may still pride ourselves on the fact that we use our bikes for PROPER EXERCISE!!!

The problem is of course, that often we actually don’t!  Because it’s too far to cycle/ will take too long and we’ll be late/ will be so unpleasant against the wind on the way home/ etc quite apart from is it going to rain!

Sounding a little familiar? Want to know more about e-bikes, how much they cost, maybe try one and see what it's actually like?

Question: where to find out more about e-bikes and which is best for you?

So if you’ve reached that stage where you’re considering joining the e-bikers where should you begin your e-biking research?

Answer: Boost Bike Hub Brockenhurst

Well, we can think of nowhere better to send you than Boost Bike Hub in Brockenhurst.

Bike shop in Brockenhurst:  Boost Bike HubFirst, wherever you are in the New Forest it’s not far away, and is also the epicentre of many fabulous leisure cycling routes with plenty of pubs and tearooms for after the ride, too.

Second, owner Ross Kempson and his team at Boost Bike Hub also own Cyclexperience bike hire based at Brockenhurst Station, and we’re talking about a really long established and well respected family business, always renowned for their friendliness and helpfulness whatever your need: from an emergency energy bar or replacement tyre to a brand new all singing all dancing latest carbon model.

In fact Ross got into e-bikes long before they became the mode of everyday leisure travel and transport so already has 20 years experience selling them. There's nobody better placed locally to explain the pros and cons of the different e-bike brands and give you a chance to try them out before you buy.

Third, as Ross says: it's NOT lazy! In fact it's smart! Owning an electric bike is an ideal way to decrease your carbon footprint, increase your fitness and improve your health.

E-biking can combine exercise (you do still pedal!) with saving on fuel and helping the environment whilst travelling further on your leisure rides and seeing more of the outdoors - or even just getting the jobs done!  Like all those errands which involve journeys which were a bit too far to go on a traditional bike. That's before we even start on one more extremely good reason - what a perfect way to travel home from the pub!* 

BOOST BIKE HUB BROCKENHURST: the go-to friendly New Forest bike shop to research, try and buy your e-bike!

The Boost Bike Hub electric vehicle

For all the lowdown click here!

*NB you can be charged with being drunk in charge of a bike and obviously will also want to take care with regard to people and animals on the Forest!  Make sure you check out current rules and regulations concerning e-biking.


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