30 days of tennis lessons for £1 at Lymington Tennis with Tennis21

Lucky Lymington - Tennis for a month for £1 

30 days unlimited tennis lessons on offer now for when the lockdown is lifted and tennis can begin again

Tennis21 at Lymington Tennis ClubCheck this out for Lymington and sign up now! The new coaches at Lymington Tennis Club, Tom Ellis and Dave Martens who operate under their own new company Tennis21, are offering anyone from beginners to seasoned professionals alike who would like to take advantage of it, the chance to receive unlimited tennis coaching for £1 for 30 days, when the lockdown is lifted and tennis can begin again!

The weekly schedule is going to be spread over 6 days per week so they reckon you could play 6 days per week, for £1 for the month - such is their commitment to getting people active again and enjoying tennis - giving residents of all ages and abilities the chance to learn skills, stay fit and play tennis as much as they want.

This initiative should also be great news for the newly re-formed Lymington TennisClub which is being set up by the Members themselves working with Lymington and Pennington Town Council.

Go online and sign up now!

To take advantage of this offer you need to go online to www.tennis21.co.uk and make the £1 purchase to secure your place.

Another lovely aspect to this is that if someone would like to sponsor local children to have the month of tennis they are encouraged to let Tom and Dave know privately – they will then contact the schools directly offering a specific number of free spaces.

Tennis21 will communicate to everyone who signs up when they know when tennis will be starting again at Lymington along with more information about the booking app and how it works (essentially it will be like booking a gym class, you book it when you fancy it as all classes are included with your membership).

Classes will be a mix of tennis, drilling, cardio tennis, matchplay and fitness training.

Tennis21 Tom EllisMeanwhile, plenty of practice to do at home 

Whilst lockdown is in force Tom is filming videos in his garden and has devised a fun tennis quiz too.  All to be found on their social media pages.

Follow Tennis21 on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tennis21uk or  Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tennis21uk/ - and start trying out their regular fitness, multi skills and tennis games and exercises at home!

The juggling video is especially good and very popular... 

As Tom said: “It has been really positive, people from within tennis and people with no experience of tennis have enjoyed the videos. I think people must have enjoyed the humour behind it. As we do more videos, we will learn more about what people like and what they don’t like, and our editing skills will improve. If people want to see anything in particular, they only have to ask, and we will make it happen.”

Tom and David are LTA level four coaches, they’ve created Tennis21 to offer high quality sessions at an affordable price with lots of flexibility to suit people’s needs; they’ll be based out of Lymington Tennis Club for whom this new era should bring a big boost in membership too – win win for all.

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