Lymington Sea Water Baths (now known as Lymington Lido)

Lymington in the water - the best of pool and sea combined!


The Lymington Sea Water Baths got off to a flying (or flipper speed) start under the new management of Hugo Ambrose and his team last year.  


Even more so after Chris Evans’ great feature about Lidos on his Breakfast Show on Tuesday 11 July 2013, after which the Lymington Sea Water Baths became known affectionately as Lymington Lido.  And all that summer our Lymington Lido enjoyed the most fabulous British weather we’d seen in years...


"and the forecast is for more of the same!  Everything in life is timing I always say – and this timing’s all just perfect!  13 July 2013, lymington.com Ed!"


And so it continued last summer...and now for this one!?  If it's anywhere near as good it'll be a treat.  


Lymington sea water baths and lidoIf you haven't yet tried the delights of the Lymington Sea Water Baths,  do plan to do it this year. Meanwhile if you've forgotten or never even discovered the pleasure of swimming, do read Clare Poynter's lovely feature article about the benefits of swimming, whether in open or enclosed water, indoors or out!


History of Lymington Sea Water Baths


The Sea Water Baths are probably the largest along the south coast and date back to the 1780s. Mrs Beeston, who took over the baths in November 1872 following her husband’s death, capitalized on the growing public health interest in sea water and mud by using an inlet from the Salterns and advertising her “strengthening sea baths”.


In 1825 the charges were: “For a warm bath: 3s. 6d; shower ditto, 2s. 0d; cold water bath with guide: 1s. od; without guide, 6d. Every care and attention to the comforts of the invalid and the convalescent will be found strictly observed.” The male guide kept bathers afloat with the use of a rope.


The baths gained in popularity with customers coming from all over England to bath in the health strengthening waters and mud.  In 1833 a larger building was funded by shares and donations (£6000 in total)  under the Lymington Bath and Improvement Co. to house hot, cold and vapour baths with separate wings for ladies and gentlemen and large swimming baths at the western extremity.

Further mud flat areas were taken over for pastimes such as archery, rifle shooting and even a 12- hole golf course in 1893, all below sea level. With a membership of 200 in 1916 and a ladies club, the course was flooded and then again in 1937. With the onset of the Second World War the course was closed.


After various owners the local Corporation acquired the Lymington Sea Water Baths in 1929. The sea water baths are now owned by Lymington and Pennington Town Council, and as of July 2013 leased to a private company Lynx Sports Management to manage them.


Since 2015 the Sea Water Baths also has its amazing Giant Inflatables!

Here are some photos from the Great Lymington Scramble of April 2015, which launched the fabulous new inflatables at the Sea Water Baths


And brand new for 2016 - a brand new website!  


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