Novice Lymington fencers shine at Lashmars Invitation Cup

LSFCLymington and Sway Fencing Club hosted the second annual Lashmars Invitation Cup on 3 May at Walhampton School.




The event, aimed at introducing new fencers to competitive bouts, welcomed fencers from across the New Forest, Bournemouth and Isle of Wight. 


The competition, sponsored by Lashmars Tax Accountants in Lymington, was a huge success, giving novice fencers, new referees and trainee coaches the opportunity to take part in a fun and friendly environment.


“We are thrilled that the Lashmars Invitation Cup was so well attended again this year”, shared Sarah Murray, head coach at Lymington and Sway Fencing Club. “Everyone learnt something from the event, including the parents!” During the event, the parents learnt how to plug their children into the scoring equipment on the piste, how to score, the etiquette of the sport and the way the competition progresses from pool to direct elimination to winner.

The final results were:


 1 Marcus Messer (Espada)

 2 Jack Smalley (LSFC)

=3 Sunny Yang  (Espada)

=3 Kamil Dybisz (LSFC)


  1 Tom Bryden (Espada)

 2 Sunny Yang (Espada)

  =3 Peter Croxford (LSFC)

  =3 George Collins (IOW)

Foil - U11

  1 Stephan Hedley Cheney (Espada)

  2 Tom Miner (IOW)

=3 Josie Coggins (LSFC) 

=3 Elliott England Holland

Foil - U13

  1 Josh Biggs (Espada)

  2 James Manlow (Espada)

=3 Richard Doughty (LSFC) 

=3 Andrea Martinez Di Nenna

Foil - U15

  1 Kieran Cotteril 

  2 Nico Ostler

 =3 Amy Hayton (IOW)

 =3 Tom Brydon (Espada)

The overall winner of the Lashmars Invitation Cup was the enthusiastic Nico Ostler from Espada club, who entered two weapons, foil and épée, and fought back in foil from a losing position to come second in his age group.

Lymington and Sway Fencing Club (LSFC) meet Tuesday evenings at Priestlands School gym. Adults 7.30-9.00pm. Juniors will recommence on 8th September at 6.30pm.





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