A polished Peter Pan in East Boldre

A Polished Peter Pan comes to East Boldre

The Pilley Player's rendition of JM Barrie's Peter Pan was fantastic!

East Boldre Village Hall burst into technicolour at the weekend with the Pilley Player’s fabulous rendition of J M Barrie’s Peter Pan. Their first production in a new location, after 8 years based from Pilley’s Boldre Memorial Hall. East Boldre were thrilled to see the Players bring to life this 100 year old historic building, originally built as part of the Royal Flying Corps training airfield during WW1 and originally used as the Officers’ Mess during both World Wars.

The Pilley Players performing Peter Pan in East BoldreWhat a contrast from those days, with a lively production, witty script and plenty of panto favorites, this very ably directed cast of Players delivered energetic performances with a range of lead roles taken by young and old alike. A talented crew delivered great on-stage chemistry, evident throughout between fabulous costume clad characters such as the mischievous Tiger Lily and the feisty, Nana, the Scottish accented Newfoundland being goaded to chase him (sorry her!) round the stage at regular intervals.

Every one of the Pilley Players delivered four energetic performances from Thursday through to Saturday, and every one to a full house. What a joy to see this group of Players ranging in age from 10 to 80 and everything in between, working together, with a combined love of theatre, delivering colourful performances; from the evil skullduggery of Captain Hook to the green and fun loving Pan, who were probably still sparring back stage I don’t doubt – if they managed to stop laughing long enough! A lively script and plenty of old Panto favorites, the audience brought the house down with their heckling, hissing and hurrahs! A cool and feisty Tinkerbell owned the stage in her denim jacket and twinkly wings, her Panto debut, Annabelle Wilkinson did the Players proud.

Peter Pan and Captain Hook perform at East Boldre Village HallYou’d think by Saturday night the cast would be flagging, but not a bit of it, no matter what age this band of merry lost boys, evil pirates, confused “Darlings” and Native Americans were in their element with local references to The Turfcutters, Fleur De Lys and the men’s toilets in Brockenhurst (!) their combined love of performing reflected in this lively, fun filled pantomime and I for one loved every minute.

Supported by a skilled crew of lighting and sound engineers and the fabulous house band, there was plenty of mischievous intervention and a pause for the band (“The Panhandlers”) to apply their ear defenders before accompanying Sea Orchid’s flirtatious rendition of “Tiger by the Tail.”

With a great array of talented young soloists, all did a fantastic job trained and supported by singing coach Pippa Judson with Pan and Wendy rounding off the show with a gorgeous rendition of Matilda’s “When I Grow Up.”

Well done Pilley Players, you’ve given East Boldre a 2017 Panto they won’t forget in a hurry!


Article by Vicks Ward

March 2017


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