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Inspiration from Dr Jennifer Bute for people with dementia and their families


Dr jennifer buteDr Jennifer Bute  used to be a GP but retired early with early onset Alzheimer's Disease. Since then it has become her passion to try and help people understand about it, because she believe it is her great opportunity, a God-given unexpected gift in order to understand this as she describes it "hurt" section of society.  

She recently visited Lymington and as a committed Christian spoke inspirationally to a number of people who gathered to meet her at Lymington Baptist Church.

What Dr Bute has to say will be of help to  

  • people who suspect they have or have recently been diagnosed with dementia and are coming to terms with what this means
  • their husbands, wives, partners, families - all those close to them who discover that they have inadvertently become  carers and are feeling frightened and ill equipped for this role  
  • anybody else who is prepared to spend a few minutes learning a little more about dementia - who will discover that by adapting their behaviour in very small ways they can make the lives of people with dementia and their carers in the community much more bearable 
Here's the nub of it, in Dr Bute's own words:

"People with dementia can become confused and upset.  They may see, smell or hear things no-one else does, or be "Time Travelling", thinking they are living in an earlier decade, so be become confused at what they see around them.  Their behaviour can be unusual or awkward.  They may find it hard to express themselves or understand others.

Feelings remain when Facts are Forgotten

It is important to remember that a person with dementia is exactly the same person inside as they used to be, but as they find communication difficult, others need to make adjustments in how they communicate with them.

Their condition makes it difficult or impossible to store new factual information, although they experience and remember feelings in the normal way. Feelings always remain, as does spiritual awareness.

Visiting, having a conversation with a person with dementia can encourage feelings of self-worth in them and bring comfort and happiness."


Start by watching the video on Dr Bute's website  http://www.gloriousopportunity.org/  

She has made a number of videos, and enjoys  speaking at conferences, and at meetings for doctors, carers or relatives. 

She has also written a number of  very useful leaflets to help people for example:

  • Suggestions when visiting someone with dementia
  • Suggestions for preventing and dealing with some aspects of confusion and stress
  • Understanding dementia
You will find a list of these leaflets and can download them as pdfs for your own use:http://www.gloriousopportunity.org/resources.php 

You can also find more information on her Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/gloriousopportunity/

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