May all your Christmases be...well invested with Station Financial

May your days be merry and bright, and your Christmases...well invested

Station Financial in New Milton considers 

Station Financial long term investmentsThe third in our new financial series from Station Financial, this month's article looks at how a long term investment could be the best gift you can give at Christmas. 

The gift that keeps on giving

"With Christmas just around the corner, you may be wondering what to gift your loved ones with. Articles such as the Guardian’s ‘Elf Help Guide’ are being published in an effort to inspire as you hit the high street this December. But at Station Financial we have an alternative idea, offering your children a gift that will keep on giving through the years. 

Now, an investment fund that’s not to be touched until you are 18 years old may not have them squealing with excitement like that latest toy or game might, but they may be jumping for joy when they reach adulthood. 

From Small Beginnings

Christmas gift with wrap saying merry and bright

By starting with a small pot and, if possible, investing small amounts every month, over 18 years you will reap the rewards of a secure financial future for your children.

Assistant editor of This is Money, Lee Boyce, did just this for his daughter and worked it out that by starting with a £1,000 pot and adding £75 a month to it, a 5% annual return could create a pot worth £54,000 over 18 years. That’s what I call a good Christmas present!

Benefits of Investing

Long-term investment means that you can ride out fluctuations in the market and the instability of stocks and shares, to see good returns. Here at Station Financial, we help our clients navigate through the volatile world to meet financial objectives and reap the rewards whilst maintaining a stable Portfolio.

Perhaps you are not yet convinced, however talks about the benefits of investing over cash savings come after analysis from Moneyfacts showing that cash savings rates on children’s accounts have barely benefited from two rises in the Bank of England base rate.

girl jumping on a bridgeThere also hangs in the air, concerns about whether cuts to children’s savings accounts could follow cuts to adult savings accounts and fixed rate bonds.

So, looking into investment companies who can offer longer-term security and who have a strong performance rate could help build a nice nest egg for your little treasures.

These companies spread the risk across different sectors and offer a diverse range of styles, meaning that by saving just a small amount each month, starting this Christmas, you could be looking at impressive returns 18 years down the road."

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Why not make this, and every Christmas, merry and bright by investing slowly but surely in your child’s future.

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