Enjoy a fruitful future with investment advice from Station Financial

Enjoy a fruitful future with investment advice from Station Financial

Station Financial in New Milton considers the value of patience when investing for your long-term goals

fruit salad in white ceramic bowlThe fourth in our financial series from Station Financial, this month's article looks at how patience and sound advice are both necessary when investing for the long term. 

I’ll like this later

"Going to the gym or starting on a diet may not always feel like much fun, especially if you prefer to stay home on a dark, rainy Monday evening after work and tuck into a box of left-over Christmas chocolates! But the truth is, we all like the results that come from looking after ourselves, whether that’s fitting into the dress or suit we’ve had our eye on or having more energy to play with the children / grandchildren. Forming positive habits and having self-discipline may be hard to start with, but in the long term it usually pays off.

ripe oranges on an orange treePlant the seeds, reap the fruit

"Having the patience to wait for results is not something that necessarily comes easily in today's ‘insta-culture’ of microwavable meals, TV streaming services and smartphones. However, it's important to remember that fruit doesn’t grow overnight. Have you ever enjoyed a ripe, juicy orange picked in season? The seed had to be planted, the tree had to grow in the ground, the orange had to grow on the tree and finally it was ready to be eaten! You may not have enjoyed having to turn over the soil, plant the seed or wait and watch for the tree grow, but you liked what came later: the fruit of your labour.

Patience is a virtue

"At Station Financial we recognise that patience is a valuable characteristic and is beneficial when it comes to the growth of your investments. Not being able to see the benefit of something in the present moment is frustrating, we admit, but having the wisdom to say: ‘I may not like this now, but I’ll like it later’, might just see you enjoying a fruitful future.

money growing over timeUps and downs

"Shares can rise and fall, just like we do in life, and sometimes it is good to get advice on how best to play the financial market. At Station Financial we keep a close eye on the fluctuating markets and act accordingly, making your money work well for you. So, whether you’re saving for your first home, your children’s education or planning your retirement, we’ll stand with you in the long-term in order to help you save your money and see it grow over time." 

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