Enjoy a happy leap year with advice from Station Financial

Enjoy a happy leap year with advice from Station Financial

Station Financial in New Milton considers the impact that milestones have on your finances and how getting advice can help you plan for the future

This month in our financial series from Station Financial, we look at the impact that milestones have on your finances and how getting advice can help you plan for the future.

achieve leaping from rock to rockHappy Leap Year!

This year is a leap year, which occurs every 4 years and means that we have 366 days of 2020 to enjoy, instead of the usual 365. It’s an odd thing to happen on the calendar, but it’s not a new thing and according to scientists, its all to do with the fact that the number of earth’s revolutions about its own axis is not connected or equal to how long it takes for the earth to get around the sun.

Whether 365 or 366 days though, there is a lot that can happen in a year. Within this space of time you can get married, have a child, purchase a house, send your teenager off to university or finally retire from your career.

All these milestones have implications on your finances, and maybe you are planning for one of these milestones right now? If so, we’d love to help and provide you with some advice.

key engraved dream with daisiesBuying a home

Whether you are a first-time buyer, are relocating or purchasing a second property, our expert mortgage adviser can offer extensive knowledge and experience to help you navigate the world of mortgage lenders, interest rates and homebuyers’ surveys.

Looking forward to a big life event

Maybe you are dreaming of a big, white wedding or are awaiting the arrival of your little bundle of joy (or the departure of them as they head off to university). Whatever you are looking forward to this year, or in the next few years, you may need to put a little money aside.

Our Independent Financial Advisers explore the whole market to find you the best savings products that will offer the highest rate of return. It’s our pleasure to help you grow your money so that you can enjoy those special moments in life, without financial concerns.

office financial planningPlanning for retirement

You may not be ready to hang up your working shoes just yet, but it’s important to consider the day when that time comes and plan for it a little. By paying into a pension early you may have an opportunity of a decent pot at retirement age and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle when you are no longer earning. Our team of Independent Financial Advisers are keen to find you the best pension products on the market to give you peace of mind as you grow older.

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