Station Financial nautical guide to New Forest financial success

Stem the tide, ready about, all hands on deck!

A nautical New Forest guide to steering a course to financial success with Station Financial

Autumn sailing on the Solent by photographer Steve ElsonHaha we're loving Station Financial's March article full of nautical terms with which peope living near the Solent will be especially familiar.  It highlights how setting a course for our finances which takes into consideration all the variables will ensure our best chance of success. Plus with the Ides of March nearly nigh (who remembers their Julius Caesar from school?) along with the end of the tax year, this is topical and timely too!

"Stem the tide" 

Shakespeare writes in his famous ‘Julius Caesar’ that “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

These are wise words from one of the UKs most prolific writers. Indeed, men cannot control the tides; you can simply make the most of opportunities as and when they arise and ‘stem the tide’ to try and decrease risk when calamities occur.

With widespread fears about the coronavirus, which has now negatively affected the stock market, it is natural to feel a little nervous about the state of the nation’s health and wealth.

Perhaps opportunities seem lacking and the financial future seems bleak, but at Station Financial we’re here to help.

More autumn sailing on the Solent by photographer Steve ElsonThe sailors among you will be aware that in order to be successful at sea, you must utilise the weather and the tides as best you can.

As professional handlers of your financial ship, at Station Financial we can help guide you to financial success and even through some of the storms of life, we take note of some tried and tested nautical commands.

 “Steady as she goes”

This is a command to the helmsman to observe the compass direction and maintain that course.

Just as a boatman knows that maintaining a steady course does not involve sitting back and waiting to arrive at your destination, but rather making small adjustments to the sails and tiller in order to get to where you need to go; so we do realise that maintaining a healthy portfolio for you, we must keep a constant eye on the financial ‘weather’ and ‘tides’.

We will make small adjustments accordingly in order to keep you on course and make sure you reach your desired location.

The location may be a good return on investment, a sizeable pension pot at retirement or funds for your child’s education.

We are here to navigate you on your financial journey. 

“Ready about”Sailing on the Solent by photographer Steve Elson

For a sailing boat to make progress against the wind it is necessary to tack, that is to sail about 45 degrees to the wind. This command is a warning that it is time to change course.

When market movements happen, even due to a wide spreading virus, then it is useful to assess your portfolio and make sure it still reflects your risk rating, your target asset allocation and your short and long-term goals.

By discussing these areas with a professional adviser, you can feel safe in the knowledge that they will know when to change tack and will do so whenever necessary to keep your investments on course.

“All hands on deck”

At Station Financial we have a strong team of advisers and support staff who are on hand and happy to help you with any financial matters.

The friendly and knowledgeable Independent Financial Advisers at Station Financial would love to talk to you about navigating your course in order to get you to where you need to go financially.

Your first port of call: completely free initial consultation

Life on the ocean wave with Station Financial

Your first port of call whether you call in or call by phone, will be with Gill Hepburn. After a brief chat with Gill, she will know exactly which of the Station Financial team of Independent Financial Advisers will be most suited to discuss your situation and financial goals.

Gill will then book you in for your completely free initial consultation - which can take place either at the bright and welcoming Station Financial offices in the centre of New Milton (with on street parking outside and car parks close by) or at your home or office, as you prefer.

Call Gill today on Tel: 01425 611 666 or send an Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find out more about Station Financial here.

And thanks to Steve Elson for some of these lovely photos of sailing on the Solent!  Also, if you're inspired by them, consider signing up for the Royal Lymington Yacht Club Crew Match and Open Morning on Sat 28 March...

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