Irreverent musings and vertical variation of social distancing

Actions speak louder than - anything?

Affirmations, irreverent musings and a vertical variation of social distancing

By Mark and Hugh, April 2020

Mark and Hugh signoff Our dastardly duo are back with their gentle humour regarding topical matters, for your entertanment if it appeals!

If he can then, so can I?

"If it’s life affirming inspiration you need then it doesn’t get much better than these two stories. The first concerns a second world war veteran who, at the sprightly age of ninety-nine decided to do a bit. I shall repeat his age, ninety-nine. Most people of retirement age groan as they rise from the sofa; wheeze as they summit the stairs; weep like a fractious three-year old as they crawl from their bed at ten a.m. Captain Tom is made of different stuff entirely. He decided, at his grand old age, that he would complete one hundred laps of his garden before he reached the age of a hundred. So far, he has raised over twenty-eight million quid!* Please note that this man uses a walking frame! I repeat again, ninety-nine, walking frame. Whatever I achieve in what remains of my life I doubt it will come close to what this incredibly selfless man has managed to do. I salute him.

Age is no limit!

Following this heart-warming story came another, even more incredible, story. A six-year old called Frank decided he would emulate Captain Tom. After watching the story on the telly the lad who suffers from spina bifida and also needs a walking frame to get around decided to do pretty much the same! So far, he has raised over seventy grand! As I sit here sipping my cider and nursing the ever-increasing girth of my overfed belly, I realise that there are some people in the world who are an inspiration to others. Captain Tom and young Frank, are truly amazing people and perhaps they might inspire us, in a small way, to do a bit, make a difference.

Confucious, he say.

I used to work with a Chinese American who happened to be a bundle of energy and an absolute joy to work with. He was tiny, spry, retired, fearless and very health conscious. Have you all heard of the saying ‘wherever you be, let your wind blow free’. This chap was a great believer. I was sat opposite him in a busy meeting of around twenty fairly senior people and I watched with incredulity as he stopped talking, leaned to one side and cracked off the most enormous trouser cough! The following silence was delicious, the looks of consternation, hilarious. He had a wonderful saying which I would like to share with you.

“A picture is worth a thousand words. An action is worth a thousand pictures.”

Vertical Variations

 Testing some newfangled social distancing gadget.

But then Captain Tom and Frank already knew this.

Stay safe, keep smiling."

* The total amount raised by Captain Tom for the NHS has of course now exceeded £30 million and is still rising. 


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