Families praise New Forest Colten Care homes safe havens

The main thing is she's happy

Families praise New Forest Colten Care homes safe havens

Colten Care the main thing is she's happyAnd let's face it, if we're looking for a care home for a parent or a partner, in itself an enormous decision which will stir many emotions, it's his or her wellbeing which is going to be our primary consideration. 

And, as you see below, families of residents at Colten Care’s 21 care homes in the south have been greatly reassured by the way Colten Care is managing the risk of the Covid pandemic. Among the factors that set Colten apart from other care home operators, particularly at this time, is its professional nursing capability and group-wide support structure.

As a new promotional offer begins (see below, two weeks free), here are the thoughts of three relatives: 

Goodbye loneliness and isolation

Risk management expert Tim Spurry, whose mum Daphne, 93, has lived at Abbey View in Sherborne for four years, says a quality care home is an ideal setting for older people otherwise facing lockdown alone.    

“I have a 92-year-old neighbour who sees a relative, at the door, once a day,” says Tim. “No-one pops in and out of her room, no-one brings her meals interspersed with cups of tea and chats. No-one sets up video conferencing so she can chat face-to-face with her family and friends. People living alone are the lonely ones, not those in the many good quality care homes offering safety, comfort, care and companionship.”

Colten Care happy residentTim previously worked in the coal mining industry assessing and minimising the risk of explosive atmospheres and workforce health. “I’ve spent my whole working life analysing risk environments and I can honestly say Abbey View has been managing the risk of the Covid infection extremely well. It’s lovely to see mum on Skype and my impression is that the home is truly a safe haven. That’s all down to the professionalism and dedication of the whole team, not only the nurses and carers but everyone involved. The home is very well staffed and the team are doing an excellent job. As well as being available to answer any questions you have as a relative, the Colten Chief Executive Mark Aitchison sends out a weekly message to everyone which is an honest update about progress with managing the pandemic. It’s exactly the right thing to be doing for reassurance.”

Confidence that they're doing all the right things

Tim’s sentiments are shared by Tracey Tarrant, whose mum Molly, 83, lives at Bourne View in Poole. “We are so grateful for the way Colten has managed this pandemic,” says Tracey. “We have nothing but praise for the proactive and thoughtful actions taken. Some of what I have seen in the national media has made me angry, so many providers have been put in a difficult position. That is absolutely not the case at Colten which has maintained a strict protocol on admissions and visits all the way through, been proactive in sourcing PPE, and avoided risks while staying true to its high standards of care and professionalism.”

Low rate of staff turnover and caring, compassionate staff mentality: happy staff, happy home, happy residents

Jean Keevil’s mum Helen, 98, has been living at Colten’s Outstanding-rated Woodpeckers home in Brockenhurst for four years.

“I had visited mum in the days before lockdown,” she recalls. “I had my temperature taken and was advised about all the measures Colten were taking. Then they took the decision to stop visits. I think that’s fair enough. You have to look after the residents and the staff. It has been difficult but I understand the need for it. I talk with mum on the phone every day. She’s happy with that. I’m hoping to see her in person again soon as Colten are putting plans in place for safe visits. What sets this home apart is that the staff remain the same, there is a very low rate of staff turnover. That is a great plus. If the staff are happy, it makes for a happy home. The main thing is that mum is happy.”

Integral nursing capability enables care in familiar surroundings - even if needs change

All Colten homes are registered to provide nursing care. Each home’s nursing team, supported by a group-wide operational support structure, can meet the majority of residents’ complex clinical needs. As conditions change, this means the resident is cared for in the comfort of their familiar surroundings rather than having to go to hospital.    

Jean agrees that nursing capability is needed now more than ever, adding: “I’m so glad that if mum’s needs do change she doesn’t have to move somewhere else.”

colten care two weeks free jun20

Summing up the views of all three relatives as the pandemic continues, Tim says: “If your loved one is in a good, well managed care home, then they are in the safest place possible.”

Two weeks completely free - an unbelievable offer!

If you would like to experience a Colten Care home first-hand, Colten Care is now offering the opportunity to  stay for two weeks completely free. For terms and conditions, and how to apply, please call 01425 482464

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Find out more about Colten Care's New Forest homes online

With more than 30 years’ experience, Colten Care is an award-winning family-owned care home company. It has 21 quality care homes covering Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Sussex and offers a range of services spanning residential, nursing and dementia care.

Colten Care operates six residential nursing and care homes in the New Forest, including three in Lymington: Belmore Lodge, Court Lodge and dementia specialist Linden House. There are also homes in Brockenhurst (Woodpecker's), New Milton (Kingfisher's) and Mudeford (Avon Reach). Click on the links to find out more about each home...

It is not currently possible to visit Colten Care's homes. Please find more details here: https://www.coltencare.co.uk/news-events/coronavirus-update

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