Worth their weight in gold New Forest Colten Care staff

Worth their weight in gold!

Colten Care home staff win residents’ heartfelt praise for keeping them safe, happy and fulfilled

Knowing someone is there looking after me all the time does give me peace of mindQuality care homes are playing a vital role as friendly, reassuring havens of safety and companionship during this challenging period. That’s especially true for those registered to provide professional nursing care. In this article about Colten Care, gentlemen at two of their outstanding-rated homes explain what the dedication and commitment of nurses and fellow staff means to them.  

Kingfishers, Colten Care’s home in New Milton

John Hall and Geoff Lount moved separately to Kingfishers, Colten Care’s home in New Milton, Hampshire, just before the pandemic hit the UK. While aspects of daily life have inevitably been affected by physical distancing and restrictions on visitors, they still enjoy what they both describe as a ‘sense of community’ about the home. They imagine it’s in stark contrast to the current experience of many elderly people across the country who will be living on their own at home, feeling isolated and worried.

John says: “We know the staff are there for us and we all get on very well with them, sharing jokes and so on. They are always clear this is our home and so they want to help you do what you want to do. They’re happy to make a fuss of you in a nice way. For example, I’m from the east end of London and they recently got in on the act with a surprise delivery from my daughter of my favourite meal of jellied eels in a bowl. There are lovely personal touches like that and, more generally, activities to get involved in every day if you want. We have quizzes, crosswords, word games or if you ask to watch a particular film they’ll arrange that for you. They do special occasions such as birthdays really personally. When my daughter and I first came to have a look here, we had already seen three or four other places but this was the top one - because of the amazing staff. They put in so much hard work every day and since the pandemic they have been coping with the Covid restrictions tremendously well.”        

Geoff concurs, adding that the staff help to facilitate the happy camaraderie among residents: “There’s about eight of us who meet in the lounge every morning. We’re a group of regulars who chat and get to know one another. It makes such a difference to have someone else to talk to. There will be elderly people living on their own who wouldn’t know neighbours in their own road and whose only contact is with family who may not be nearby. Here, we are always meeting people. It’s very sociable.”

It’s a similar story at Amberwod House, Colten’s home in Ferndown, Dorset, where resident Terry Johnson says: “This is probably one of the best care homes you could find anywhere. All the staff do their best to please you, to please everybody. They keep you happy and satisfied and put your mind at ease. They are worth their weight in gold.”  

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All Colten Care homes are registered for nursing care

Like Kingfishers and Amberwood House, Colten’s other 19 homes are all registered for nursing care. This means that most age-related conditions can be managed within the home so residents can stay in familiar surroundings and receive treatment from the nursing professionals they already know. This offers considerable peace of mind to residents already living with conditions or whose needs are likely to change in future. Avoiding unnecessary hospital visits is especially welcome at this heightened time of virus risk.

Geoff at Kingfishers says: “The nurses here at the home are all very good and I get on well with them. If you live on your own and you need treatment for a medical issue, you would have to go to a doctor’s surgery or a hospital. Here, the nurse comes to you. That’s reassurance.”

John says: “Knowing someone is there looking after me all the time does give me peace of mind. I would certainly recommend this home to others.”

Terry at Amberwood adds: “If you need medication, you want to know that someone is there for you and you’ve got what you need. Here at Amberwood they take care of all that. They think in advance about what you need. There is very good planning and they’re always there to comfort you and care for you if you need help.”

Festive break 2 weeks free

"If you would like to experience a Colten Care home first-hand, we are currently offering the opportunity to come and stay with us and have two weeks completely free. For terms and conditions, and how to apply, please call 01425 460900."


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With more than 30 years’ experience, Colten Care is an award-winning family-owned care home company. It has 21 quality care homes covering Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Sussex and offers a range of services spanning residential, nursing and dementia care.

Colten Care operates six residential nursing and care homes in the New Forest, including three in Lymington: Belmore Lodge, Court Lodge and dementia specialist Linden House. There are also homes in Brockenhurst (Woodpecker's), New Milton (Kingfisher's) and Mudeford (Avon Reach). Click on the links to find out more about each home... 

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