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Christmas is Coming!

Featuring Christmas dinner perspectives on your New Forest financial planning  

Christmas foodChristmas is coming and the goose is getting fat, please put a penny - or for most of us the turkey is ordered and if not already do so quickly now from A&J Seal! New Forest independent financial advisers Station Financial wish you a Merry Christmas this month with some rather smart metaphors or are they analogies you'll see what we mean if you read on!

Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming and while it is likely to feel a little different this year for many of us, one thing that we can rely upon to remain the same is our trusty, traditional Christmas meal.

Everyone will have their own variations, but there are a few elements we feel are important to be featured in a Christmas dinner. Let’s see if you agree.

Christmas foodTurkey:

A big beast of a bird most popularly consumed at Christmas time, the turkey needs to be bought in plenty of time and given plenty of time in the oven! Like a sturdy pension plan reliably forming the base of your financial security, the turkey is the thing you plan for first.

Roast Potatoes:

To get them perfectly crispy on the outside and delightfully fluffy in the middle, the potatoes need plenty of attention. Like a well-built and looked after investment portfolio, with the roasties, it’s all about keeping a close eye on them.

Brussels Sprouts:

Often thought of as something you ‘have to have’, rather than something you want, the humble brussels sprout is not popular among many, but where would we be without them on our Christmas plates? Like a handy insurance policy there to look after us, the sprout provides a safety net of nutrients among all the fattening festivities.

Pigs in Blankets:

Pork wrapped in more pork, how delicious. A comforting and familiar treat, sausage wrapped in bacon has to make an appearance on Christmas day. Like a tax wrapper adding value to your savings and investments, the pig in blanket really does enhance your Christmas meal.


A delicious rich sauce, gravy is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas lunch. Like the ideal down payment on a home to secure the best interest rates on your mortgage, gravy should cover at least 20% of your plate. This can allow for all it’s tasty goodness to soak into your meal.


As if this wasn’t enough, why not top it all off with a delicious slice of Christmas pudding! Like a long standing Pension plan that you have been paying into throughout your career, this should have been created and regularly dipped in brandy at least a year prior to eating to gain fullness of flavour.

So, whether you are having a low-key Christmas with a few friends or family members this year or forming a larger bubble, make sure you enjoy some good food this festive season.

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