Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra care home concert Kingfishers

Thank you for the music!

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra's final ‘summer tour’ concert, at Colten Care home Kingfishers New Milton 

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra members playing in the open air with red flowers in the foreground

Ed Note: Following our previous report when Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra members discovered a former BSO leader in their audience at another Colten Care home, they have now performed for the final time in their summer tour, at Kingfishers in New Milton.

Even more poignant for people with dementia... 

Kingfishers is also able to offer brilliant care for people with dementia, and a post by Clive Asher from earlier this week on the Sway Hearsay Facebook Group reinforces how powerful music is for those suffering with dementia. With his permission I've included Clive's moving words along with his poem, beneath this article. 

Thank you for the music, says Geoff!

Musicians from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (BSO) have played the final date on their ‘summer tour’ of care homes along the south coast, delighting residents at Colten Care’s Kingfishers in New Milton, Hampshire.

And the visiting maestros even performed a special request for one surprised music lover at the Outstanding-rated home.

Overjoyed Geoff Lount was prompted to get up and dance on hearing the start of an orchestral take on ABBA’s Thank You for the Music which he had asked them to play.

I wanted to get up and dance! We had a great time with the sun shining and the music sounding amazing.

Kingfishers resident Geoff Lount and Companionship team member Sue Hawkins dancing to Geoff’s request, ABBA’s Thank You for the Music.Geoff said: “They performed a whole variety of music and I was thrilled when they played my request. It made me immediately want to get up and dance with the staff. We all had a really great time with the sun shining and the music sounding amazing.”

Companionship team member Sue Hawkins, who danced with Geoff, said: “Music brings such joy to our residents and there is nothing better than experiencing live music performed by professional players in your own garden.”

As well as ABBA, French horn and piano player Kevin Pritchard and violinist Jennifer Curiel led their audience through a one-hour set that included popular pieces by Gershwin, Puccini, Scott Joplin and Debussy and tunes from famous musicals including Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. When Kevin played the horn Jennifer took to the piano herself.

Kevin said: “We’ve played at Kingfishers before and it was great to be back performing there again. Everyone was smiling. It’s amazing what the team at the home do to create lovely experiences for residents.”

Another resident, Sue Swanton, said: “I had a lovely time. Both musicians were brilliant.”

Before the show at Kingfishers, Kevin and Jennifer performed summer BSO concerts at Colten Care’s Outstanding-rated homes Canford Chase in Poole and Fernhill in Longham.

The BSO is grateful for the generous support of Tapper Funeral Service in staging its summer concerts.  

Images from top:

1. BSO musicians Kevin Pritchard and Jennifer Curiel leading their audience at Kingfishers through a one-hour set of classical and popular favourites.

2. Kingfishers resident Geoff Lount and Companionship team member Sue Hawkins dancing to Geoff’s request, ABBA’s Thank You for the Music.


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Clive Asher's post and poem as promised above

"I clean at a couple of dementia homes (Ed note these are other local care homes not Kingfishers) and it always makes me sad as the dementia seems to define the person. There seem to be so many layers to this condition. Some of the residents you can have a normal conversation with, then suddenly it all becomes quite random. Others I see seem to be in a complete catatonic state and then there are the ones who just sit repeating themselves just saying the same thing over and over.

Music has such an amazing effect

There always seems to be piece of music or a song that suddenly snaps them out of their plight and they seem to remember every single word. It is truly amazing to see this as they sing along in time and a lot of them in tune.

I have a friend and customer whose husband is suffering with this condition, so this poem is to both of you and anyone else suffering with this. Both the sufferer and those close to them."

"I still Feel" by Clive Asher

"You look at me so differently,
As I sit here in my misery
My mind is caged in bars you see,
Let me out, let me out, my memory.

Don't look at me with all this fear,
I'm still a human being, inside of here.
This dementia condition it is not right,
As my memory now has lost its fight.

You would sometimes see me smile,
The fleeting glimpse of a little child.
I can sing the words to every song,
Know every word as I sing along.

I can't remember the times we had,
Did you love me, through good and bad.
I really don't want to carry this sadness,

As I entered this nightmare of dementia madness.

Do you think that I've got so much worse,
As I now have to repeat this verse.
I see your look of sorrow and loss,
Long before I lie, beneath my headstone cross.

I now have to repeat this verse,

For my dementia gets worse and worse."

Ed note: Sad as this poem is, the wonderful thing is how music is able to break through. I say this also from personal experience because my own mother was cared for at Colten Care's Linden House, where music brought visible comfort right to the end. 



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