Sourdough and savings, by Station Financial New Forest

The art of rising dough!

Synergies for September, between sourdough and savings: New Forest independent financial advisers Station Financial explain.

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Folks at The Real Bread Campaign have dubbed this month #SourdoughSeptember.

The aim of this month of awareness is to encourage more people to buy genuine sourdough loaves, or better still, make their own at home.

Throughout this month baking schools, flour mills and bakeries will run sourdough classes, tastings, and events, all with the purpose of demonstrating why sourdough is the best of bread and how you can make your own.

Here at Station Financial, we love sourdough bread and know that it is quite an art to make, so we thought we would consider some similarities between breadmaking and financial planning.

Scheduling & Planning

Like most worthwhile things in life, sourdough breadmaking takes some planning.  You will need to factor time into your schedule for regular sessions of folding and stretching to get the best loaf or rolls.

It is wise to factor in time to plan your finances too. Setting aside time to sit down and set a monthly budget, or to consider longer term savings or investment plans, will always benefit you.

At Station Financial we would be happy to sit down with you to lay out a clear plan for how to best manage your finances so that you see them rise and grow.

Feeding the starter

Sourdough bread begins with a starter, and you must regularly feed this starter with flour and water.

Depending on how many sourdough treats you plan to bake you can feed the starter just once a week, or twice a day.

In a similar way, if you are hoping to grow your money it is good to ‘feed your account’ regularly to help the pot expand.

How much and how often you can contribute to your saving or pension account will depend on your individual circumstances and goals, but just like a sourdough starter, they will need regular top ups to expand.

Remember, from small grains great things can happen.

Sessions of stretching, folding, and leaving to rise

Stretching and folding are important factors in the creation of sourdough bread, and these sessions are normally spaced out between 15 minutes to 1 hour apart.

The aim is to strengthen the gluten and incorporate air into the dough, adding volume and a good rise.

While you may not have to stretch and fold your money every 15 minutes, our expert independent financial advisers certainly do keep a close eye on the financial markets and make small adjustments to your portfolio as and when they are necessary, with referral to you.


Creating quality sourdough bread takes time and patience, just as growing your money does.

If you would like to get started and build on those small grains, whether that is planning for your pension, a new investment portfolio, a trust for your children or grandchildren, setting up a new savings plan, planning a house move, or releasing some money from your home, our team would be pleased to sit down and talk to you about the best options for you.

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