Fireworks and finances by Station Financial New Forest advisers

Fireworks and Finances

What do the history of fireworks and the future of finances have in common? Read Station Financial's "sparkling" analogies 

Ed Note: This photo of fireworks over London is fabulous! For our rural communities, perhaps if the fireworks used were not noisy, they would not cause so much distress. In any case though, surely organised displays, with plenty of advance warning, are the way ahead?

Guess what, fireworks were born in China!fireworks over London

History shows that fireworks originated in China, quite by accident. A Chinese alchemist working in a field kitchen mixed charcoal with sulphur and potassium nitrate hoping to find the secret to eternal life, but instead the mixture caught fire and he discovered gunpowder instead! When this mixture was placed inside a hollow bamboo stick and lit on fire, fireworks were born.

It’s amazing how this chance discovery is now being used as part of celebrations around the world, including Fireworks Night.

There are many different variations of fireworks that light up the skies at this time of year and here at Station Financial, we thought we’d shine a light on a few of them.

The ‘Girandola’

This is a fast spiralling, wheel-like firework. In a fast-moving global financial market, our experienced advisers and support staff will keep a close eye on your investment and pension portfolios for you, keeping up to speed with the fast-moving wheel and making changes when required to keep your money growing and throwing off sparks.

The ‘Peony’

This is a no tails, no trails simple globe of sparkly goodness, and the most traditional of all the fireworks. The most traditional form of advice people seek from us is pension advice, and we offer a simple, fuss-free range of products and options for you to make your pension really sparkle.

The ‘Willow’

Much like the branches of the tree after which it was named, this one’s stars burn out in a long cascade. We understand that longevity is important when it comes to investing and we will never let your investments simply fizzle out. We provide ongoing service with regular reviews to make sure your portfolio works well for you long-term.

Making your finances sparkle

Fireworks are fantastic fun and a delight to see lighting up the night sky.

Remember though, that while some things are discovered by accident, not everything should be left to chance.

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