New Year's reflections with Station Financial

New Year Reflections with Station Financial

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New Year’s Reflections: Looking back, to move forward

Figures 2022 on piles of coins with piggybankAs we enter a new year, it can be a good practice to look back over the year just passed, reflecting on all that has happened and what we can learn from it.

One way you can do this is by sitting down and remembering the past year and all it brought with it.

You could also consider events that happened, personal growth, and even financial matters.

Look back

The first thing to do during this exercise, is to recall the year in as much detail as you can and write it all down.

You may like to do this by looking back through the years’ calendars, diaries and journals as well as re-reading any notes you may have taken during the year.

In a financial sense, it is the perfect opportunity to take stock of income and expenditures over the past year.

Where has your money gone and are you pleased with how you have managed your money this past year?  Would you like to do anything differently this new year?

Be thankful

Look back at all the good things that have happened this past year and be thankful for those little and good things.  Note down what they are so you remember for the future.  Would you do them again?

Are the things you are thankful for, what you expected at the start of the year?

What will you seek in the forthcoming year, so that you ensure that 2022 is full of the good things that you know bring joy to your life?

How can you plan for these things, whether financially, emotionally, or practically?

Learn from what has happened

In a similar way, look back over the not so good things of the past year.  Have you made any decisions, financial or otherwise, that you regret?  Do you have any attitudes that you may need to change?

Admitting where things have gone wrong is the first step to change.  Make a note so you don’t make the same (mistake(s)) again.

Be resolute

Now is a good time to set some new goals and habits for the year to come.

Perhaps you would like to work towards an educational, a business, a personal or financial goal this year.

It is good to note these down, so that you can refer to them throughout the year to keep yourself focussed and motivated.

If you have any financial goals for 2022, then we would love to chat with you.

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