Colten Care home residents memories of Her Majesty's accession and coronation 1952

 Memories of 70 years ago

The Queen's accession and coronation: New Forest Colten Care home residents this week remember what they were doing in February 1952 and June 1953  

Linden House, Lymington

Elaine Williams:

Elaine Williams, Linden House

“I was 14 years old and living in Wales. I was at a girl’s school when the news that King George V1 had passed away. I remember that the Princess Elizabeth was abroad with her husband and had to return home. On Coronation Day, we had the day off school. I watched the Coronation on television with my family. Later in the day I remember the street party, the Looking towards Buckingham Palacetables seemed to go on for ever and we all had to bring our own chairs to sit on. The tables were set out in the street loaded with cakes, sandwiches, and jelly, with lemonade for the children, sherry for the ladies and beer for the men. Every family in the street contributed something. Later there was singing and dancing, somebody playing the piano and the festivities lasted well into the night. There was a real sense of community spirit.”

Asked what she thinks of the Queen today, Elaine says: “I think she is marvellous; we don’t see her a lot of her but considering her age I think she does a wonderful job. Best Queen we could have and very dignified. I did feel very sad for her when her husband passed away.”

Donald Lovell:

Linden House Lymington: Donald Lovell“I was 18 years old and living in Winton, Dorset. I lived with my family above our general store. I was an engineering apprentice and decided to end my apprenticeship to join the Household Cavalry based at Knightsbridge much to my father’s dismay.

I remember I was doing my apprenticeship when King George V1 passed away, and Princess Elizabeth was on a tour with her husband in Kenya and had to return.

On Coronation Day, dad closed the shop and we listened to the service on the radio. Later we joined neighbours for a big party in the street.

As we lived on the corner of two roads, I managed to attend two parties. There was plenty of food, drink, singing and dancing at both.

Later a recording of the coronation came to the cinema, and I went to watch it.

I saw the Queen on several occasions at Knightsbridge Barracks when I was attached to the Lifeguards as a regimental tailor.”

Asked what he thinks of the Queen today, Donald says: “I think she is doing very well for her age. She does an excellent job, always dignified and rules the country well. I wouldn’t want to do her job.”

Bill, Bill and Raymond ready to celebrateAvon Reach, Mudeford

Margaret Doucy:

“I was living in Essex and was 21 years old. I remember watching the news about the Queen’s ascension to the throne at home. I like the royals and have followed them from an early age. I watched Coronation Day at home with family. I’m proud of the queen and her service to the country.”

Noeleen Braisby:

“I was 19 years at the time and lived in Lancashire. I remember the news of her father dying suddenly while she was away and how young she was. On Coronation Day I remember the crowds of people and she was crowned by the archbishop. She is an amazing lady. I can’t think of a better way to describe her.”

Belmore Lodge, Lymington

Belmore Lodge Ian Knight

Ian Knight:

“I was living in Northampton at the time. I was nine years old at the time of the Coronation and so was at school. I remembers seeing the build-up on a friends TV but in the end didn’t watch it on TV. I listened to it on the radio. I don’t remember any particular street parties.

Today, I think the Queen is incredible and does a good job especially with everything she has to cope with.”

Maureen Marks:

“I was living in Mansfield at the time and was aged 13.

I remember the ascension being both sad and a celebration. Sad as the Queen’s father had died and a celebration because she had got married and would now be the new Queen.Maureen_Marks_-_Belmore_Lodge_-_SQUARE.jpg

Coronation Day was a big occasion because TV was new. I think it was probably the first event to be shown on TV. Today, I admire the Queen very much for what she does and what she has achieved.” 

Woodpeckers, Brockenhurst

Romayne Taylor:

“It’s hard to remember that long ago but I would have been 24 years old and had my first child by that point.

Romayne Taylor, WoodpeckersWe did not have a TV; however, we were invited to Buckingham Palace due to my husband’s line of work. He was a civil servant. I remember tents being lined up together and we enjoyed having strawberries with cream.

I think the Queen has done very well, but she must be lonely since Phillip died.”

Barbara St. John Frost:

“I was around 18 years old and still at school, at Barcombe near Lewes in Sussex. We did not have a TV at the time. However, a local hotel put on a viewing at lunch time which we got to view half of, on the day.”

Barbara’s thoughts on the Queen today: “I think the Queen has done a good job pulling things together. She must have been very overwhelmed at the time, taking on what she did.”

Kingfishers, New Milton

Bill Newenham:

Bill Newenham, KingfishersI was 24 and lived in Barnes, London. I remember the King being very unwell. I was enthusiastic about getting a new, beautiful and young Queen.  

On Coronation Day I remember all the decorations down the Mall. I watched the actual ceremony on a black & white TV at a friend’s house.”

Bill’s thoughts on the Queen today: “I think the Queen is outstanding. She’s done very well and lived up to her expectations.

Joyce Russell:

“I was 26 and lived at a naval base in Dunfermline, Scotland. When we heard of her ascension, I was excited that there would be a Queen. Myself, an uncle and two more family members had tickets for the actual Coronation Day celebrations in London. We had a viewing box in Northumberland Street and could watch the entire procession.”

Joyce Russell, KingfishersJoyce’s thoughts on the Queen today: “I think the Queen has done very well. I admire her. I am the same age as the Queen and went to the same school as her in London. I never actually met her, however I saw her and Margaret often being picked up by their chauffeur.” 

Pictured, top to bottom, are:

Elaine Williams; Donald Lovell; Ian Knight; Maureen Marks; Romayne Taylor; Bill Newenham; Joyce Russell.

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