Colten Care residents pay tribute to much loved Queen Elizabeth II

Respect and reminiscence

New Forest Colten Care residents have been paying their own tributes to much loved Queen Elizabeth II

Displays of photos and flowers have been on view at Colten Care homes along with books of condolence in tribute to the Queen.

Homes held special get-togethers and prayer services, staged poetry readings, opened books of condolence and created space for reflection

Colten Care residents in the New Forest paid their tributes to Queen Elizabeth II with respect and reminiscence.

Books of condolence in tribute to the Queen at Colten Care homes   Homes held special get-togethers and prayer services, staged poetry readings, opened books of condolence and created space for reflection.

At Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst, residents shared their memories over afternoon tea.  

John Denby remembered the day of the Queen's coronation in 1953 when he was a policeman. He recalled having to stand on London Bridge for many hours in all the rain.

Shirley Jolliffe recalled going to a garden party at Buckingham Palace because her father was a senior civil servant. Many celebrities were there, the actor Sir John Mills being one of them. Shirley was only a young girl, but she remembered how she and her family couldn't get anywhere near the Queen because of all the famous people round her.

Joan Sweet said she was always struck by the Queen’s beauty, adding: “She always seemed to put people at their ease.”

Also at Woodpeckers, Molly Wolstenholme and Patricia Cowen both agreed that the funeral was lovely and that an amazing amount of planning must have gone into it.

At Linden House in Lymington – a dedicated dementia care home and, like Woodpeckers, officially rated Outstanding – residents were supported to engage with the funeral and mourning period as they wished.

Companionship Team Leader Chris Dimmick said: “Many chose to watch documentaries about the Royal Family which led to a few reminiscing about meeting or seeing the Queen. One resident had been a tour guide at Windsor Castle.  

Many were philosophical about the Queen’s passing and concentrated more on her being a woman in a position of power and a working mother at a time when it wasn’t fashionable. 

We had interesting conversations about the changes of the second Elizabethan era, what we thought the new reign of King Charles III will bring, and the changes we will see in currency, stamps, post boxes and so on.

Belmore Lodge resident and former royal milliner Louisa McIntyre with a picture of the Queen wearing a hat she made.We had a hymns and praise session where we gave thanks for the Queen’s life and work, and read poetry written for the occasion. We will be planting a rose or shrub in our garden to commemorate the Queen.”

At Belmore Lodge in Lymington, new arrival Louisa McIntyre shared with fellow residents that she used to be a royal milliner, making lots of lovely and iconic hats for the Queen.

Companionship Team Leader Sharon Semple said: “It was lovely of Louisa to share with us her scrapbook of all the pictures and press photos of the hats that she made for the Queen. We felt very honoured that she was happy to share this with us.

We also created a dedicated area at Belmore Lodge in memory of the Queen’s life, with a display of words and pictures from residents.”


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