‘Remarkable’ BSO French Horn player astounds Colten Care home residents

‘Remarkable’ French Horn player 

Residents at Kingfishers care home in New Milton enjoyed a stunning performance from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO’s) new Artist in Residence, the professional musician Felix Klieser, who plays the French Horn with his feet.

Colten Care’s outstanding rated Kingfishers in New Milton welcomed guests from Colten’s Court Lodge in Lymington for a special performance by Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO’s) new Artist in Residence, Felix Klieser.

BSO French Horn player who plays with his feet leaves care home residents astounded

Residents from Kingfishers in New Milton and Court Lodge in Lymington enjoyed a stunning performance from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s (BSO’s) new Artist in Residence, the professional musician Felix Klieser, who plays the French Horn with his feet.

Colten Care’s outstanding rated Kingfishers in New Milton welcomed guests from Colten’s Court Lodge in Lymington for the special performance.

Felix was accompanied on the piano by his BSO colleague Kevin Pritchard and the musicians led the audience through a stunning one-hour set which included concertos by Beethoven, Mozart and Strauss.

Felix, who began a two-year tenure as the Artist in Residence at BSO in November 2021, said it was good to play for such an intimate audience.

He also paused to take questions from the audience about his extraordinary life. 

Felix Klieser French Horn player

Felix explained how he first expressed an interest in playing the French Horn as a four-year-old but was told it was unlikely he would have the lung capacity to start lessons until much later.

Despite this he excelled and at 17, enrolled at the prestigious Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hannover.

Following the performance Colten Care resident Bunty Patrick said: “I cannot describe what I have just seen. What a talent! It’s something I’ll never forget.”

Terry Brown agreed: “Felix is remarkable. I enjoyed his playing very much and feel honoured to have seen him.”

Alan Havelock added: “I was extremely lucky to have been a trustee of BSO when I was younger and with my wife saw many of their performances and met many musicians. I have never seen anything quite like I did today. It was astounding. I’d like to thank Colten Care for bringing Felix and his amazing talent to us all.”

Fiona Pritchard, Colten Care’s Music and Arts Partner said: “Most of the people in the audience today from Kingfishers and Court Lodge are classical music fans who, before coming to live at their Colten Care homes were regular concert-goers. 

“Most are no longer able to attend concerts easily, so Colten works hard to bring the music directly to them.

“Today they enjoyed their own personal recital from some amazing musicians. Everyone agreed it was a treat to behold.”

The BSO’s popular care home concerts returned to homes across the BCP region earlier this year, following the pandemic. The performances marked a decade of ongoing support for the BSO’s music in care homes programme by Tapper Funeral Service and were expanded with thanks to support by Rawlins Davy Solicitors. 


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