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Brake! for the safety of all road users

Important road safety information for road users in the New Forest, thanks to Simpkins & Co

Vehicles and animals on a busy New Forest road in near dark conditions

Brake, the road safety charity, holds its annual Road Safety Week in 2022 during the week of 14-20 November.

This week is Brake’s biggest road safety campaign, aimed at bringing awareness of the importance of road safety, including by remembering those affected by road death and injury.

Simpkins & Co Solicitors, specialists in personal injury compensation claims, would far prefer nobody had to make a claim hence publishing for our benefit in this month's article: Brake's top tips for keeping ourselves and others safe on the roads.

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Safe Roads for All

Bad weather including snow, on the motorway This year’s theme is ‘Safe Roads for All’ and the right for everyone to make safe journeys on safe roads no matter who they are or how they travel. Follow their campaign here 

With Winter approaching and driving conditions becoming tougher, it’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure their own actions don’t put others at risk.

Follow these tips for keeping yourself and others safe on the roads: -

  1. Keep your headlights on at all times

It can help to have your headlights on even when driving during the day, making you more visible to all other road users. It could make a huge difference in preventing an accident.

  1. Stay alert

It goes without saying that you should avoid drugs, alcohol and using your phone while driving, but according to studies, tiredness can be just as lethal. If you feel sleepy, stop and rest before continuing your journey. Better to arrive later at your destination and keep yourself and others safe.

  1. Keep to the speed limit

Leave enough time to get to your destination safely without rushing. Even 10 miles per hour over the speed limit can mean the difference between walking away from an accident or not.

  1. Plan ahead and know where you’re going

Set up your GPS or study a map before you set off so you don’t try and do this while you’re driving. Know where you’re going and get to the right destination safely.

  1. Don’t tailgate

No one likes to be tailgated. It makes the driver in front of you uneasy. It’s likely you wouldn’t be able to avoid a collision if they were to brake quickly and it puts both parties in danger.

  1. Look after your car

Is your car prepared for the trip? Check tyres are fully inflated, there’s enough fuel, your lights are working and you have enough water and detergent in your windscreen jets. Check the oil levels and get a regular service.

  1. Drive in accordance with the road conditions

Speed limits are set for safe driving under ideal conditions. In bad weather, use common sense, make adjustments and slow down. Leave a bigger gap between yourself and the driver in front to allow you to stop safely in time.

  1. Consider other road users

Being stuck behind a slow vehicle can be very frustrating, but be patient and don’t overtake until it’s safe to do so. The same goes for pulling out at a junction – don’t be reckless, remain calm and a space will soon appear.

  1. Be forgiving

Unfortunately, road rage is all too common but we’ve all made mistakes at the wheel of a car. Cut other drivers a little slack and try not to get wound up because it won’t make the situation better. If you’ve made an error, acknowledge it with a wave of your hand – sorry goes a long way to pacifying others.

If you have suffered injuries through no fault of your own read on

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