More random acts of kindness by Colten Care home residents

A little kindness works wonders

"Random Acts of Kindness" by Colten Care home residents spread a little community happiness in Brockenhurst and New Milton

Following their "random acts of kindness" in Woodside Park for Valentine's Day last week and continuing the theme for Random Acts of Kindness Day every February, Colten Care home residents and staff set out to spread more happiness in and around their local communities. Formal invitations to a free cream tea at Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst were handed out along with seed paper hearts, and shortbread freshly made at Kingfishers in New Milton was given out in boxes which included messages of kindness.
Kingfishers residents June Price, left, and Val Collinge with boxes of shortbread ready to distribute to community contacts.

Random Acts of Kindness Day encourages participants to ‘make someone’s day’ with a kind gesture...

Cream tea in Brockenhurst 

From Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst, Hampshire, resident John Denby went out and about in the nearby village centre to invite locals in for a free cream tea and make friends.

John, accompanied by Companionship Team Member Jo Anderson, handed out formal invitations along with seed paper hearts.

Jo said: “As well as the beautifully presented invites to come in and see us, we thought the recipients could plant the seeds in their gardens to enjoy a wildflower display later in the year, the idea being to watch love grow.”

John said: “It was clear people were touched by our gesture. Some couldn’t thank me enough. I enjoyed going out in the community and explaining what Random Acts of Kindness is all about. Being the New Forest, I even had a wandering donkey approach me interested in what we were doing!”

Shortbread for New Milton residents

With shortbread gifts at Kingfishers in New Milton are resident Terry Vass and Companionship Team member Christina Holliday. At Kingfishers in New Milton, residents boxed up gifts of freshly made shortbread, adding messages of their own and labels that read ‘From us to you, made with care’ and ‘Spread a little kindness’.

The home’s Customer Advisor Tracy McCallum then distributed the boxes to contacts in the town including the local GP surgery, church, school and community centre.

Kingfishers resident June Price said: “This was such a lovely idea, to thank our friends in the community for all the hard work they do.”

At Canford Chase in Poole, residents painted messages of inspiration and joy on ‘kindness rocks’ and added designs to felt hearts and flowers.

Companionship Team member Justin Corder, who brought in homemade cookies for everyone as his own ‘random act’, said: “We started off the day by discussing what kindness means and then once we began our painting, we decided we would place the finished rocks outside in the garden and other places where people would see them.

“We agreed that the simple act of giving a token gift, a flower or making someone smile helps you release happy endorphins and boosts the soul.”

At Amberwood House in Ferndown, one theme of Kindness Day involved caring for plants in borders right outside the building.

Gardener Lyn Read was aware that wisteria vines, a rose bush and a fuchsia might have to be lost because of renovation work being done to the dining room and lounge and a lack of alternative garden space for replanting.

She carefully dug out the plants and rehomed them with Liz and Jon Doyle, daughter and son-in-law of resident Mary Whitehouse, after the couple expressed a wish to save them.

As well as taking plants for their own garden, Liz and Jon have donated some of the vines to the Blandford Museum Gardens where they volunteer.

Companionship Team member Sharon McVicar said: “This was a lovely act of kindness from all parties involved as otherwise these poor plants would have been left to die.”

Amberwood House was also one of several Colten Care homes where residents wrote ‘postcards of kindness’ to be delivered to people and organisations in the local community.

Both the photos are from Kingfishers in New Milton:

The main image is of residents June Price, left, and Val Collinge with boxes of shortbread ready to distribute to community contacts. The smaller image is of resident Terry Vass and Companionship Team member Christina Holliday.



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Three Colten Care homes in the New Forest are rated outstanding

Meanwhile Colten Care homes across the New Forest filled their cups and plates to raise hundreds of pounds for the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning event.

Colten homes are huge supporters of the Coffee Morning and this year was no exception, with performances, quizzes, music - and more mysterious golden cupcakes - than ever.

Outstanding rated Amberwood House in Ferndown raised £338.45 through its festivities.

Colten Companion Team Leader Kirsty Richmond-Cole  said: “Our dining room was full of residents, families and friends. Tea and coffee was flowing and there was a mouth watering selection of cakes which staff, families and friends had baked including Tunde’s famous Carrot Cake, Sharon McVicars’ Chocolate Cheesecake, Justine Thorpe’s Ginger and Lemon drizzle and a Chocolate Surprise cake by Diane Nicholls.”

Companions and residents had also created banners and bunting with messages to loved ones who need support, to those they have lost and to the Macmillan nurses.

And as with all Colten homes Amberwood House staged a Golden Cupcake competition - an annual event invented specially for the Macmillan Coffee Morning, in which a one-off golden cake is hidden amongst each home’s coffee morning tables. The lucky finder of the Golden Cupcake at each home receives a bottle of bubbly.

Kirsty said: “Our rather aptly-named winner of the Golden Cupcake was Tim Luck (resident Pauline Luck’s son). He was thrilled.”

At Colten dedicated dementia home The Aldbury in Poole, resident Abdul ‘Hobi’ Sabih was one of many residents who enjoyed

a game of Guess the weight of the Giant Cupcake, kindly made by the home’s Lead Nurse Sarah Ingram.

The weight was correctly guessed by Senior Administrator David Austin.

One of the housekeeping team Simone Bernard won the Golden Cupcake competition and a bottle of bubbly.

At the outstanding rated Kingfishers in New Milton, residents, their families and staff enjoyed live music from Retro Rita who had everyone joining in with songs from the 1940s.

Colten colleagues attended in fancy dress and the Golden Cupcake was discovered by resident Christine Channell, who was also awarded a bottle of bubbly.

Resident Val Collinge said: "I'm always happy to support this charity as it's for a very good cause."

Resident June Price agreed: "What a lovely morning of music. I loved seeing the staff in their fancy costumes."

At Canford Chase in Poole, residents enjoyed icing cakes ready for their Coffee Morning, which also involved a party with games such as How many Sweets in the Jar? and Name the Animal.

And the games continued at Abbey View in Sherborne, where resident Brenda Gibbs won the Guess How Many Berries in the Pie competition.

Abbey View resident Sheila Sanders won their Golden Cup Cake prize and said she was looking forward to sharing her prize bottle of bubbly with her family. The home was pleased to raise £100 pounds for Macmillan.

Elaine Farrer, Chief Operating Officer for Colten Care said: “This year as always, the Macmillan Coffee Morning was a huge success in all our homes with people coming together to have fun, bake, play games and raise money for a wonderful cause.”

Kingfishers Resident Joan Lakeman and companionship team leader Rose Arcellana dancing

Colten Care home Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst
Colten Care home Linden House in Lymington
Colten Care home Kingfishers in New Milton
Colten Care home Court Lodge in Lymington
Colten Care home Belmore Lodge in Lymington
Colten Care home Avon Reach in Mudeford


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