Safety at work - How to help yourself

Safety at work - how can you help?

New Forest Simpkins & Co and how you can help to keep yourself and your colleagues safe at work

Simpkins & Co Solicitors, specialists in personal injury law, have some more advice for us all about staying safe in order NOT to need their services! This month and on theme with keeping New Year Resolutions, the subject is safety at work and how we as employees can help.

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We’ve written recently about keeping safe on the roads, whether driving or cycling, but what about other areas of our lives where we should be considering the same?

Getting back to work after the festive season can feel like a real effort for most of us and it can be challenging to keep motivated through the January blues. Even though some of us will continue to work from home, others will be combining home and office working, and there will be those who are full-time in the workplace.

By law, health and safety policies are implemented and regularly reviewed by employers and there will be many measures in place to keep employees safe, but as an employee, are you fully aware of these? Workers have a duty of care for health and safety to themselves and others who may be affected by their actions at work. Whatever your personal new year’s resolutions, make a decision now to keep yourself and your colleagues safe at work.

So what could you do to make a positive start to the year in your workplace?

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Check out our list for some ideas: -

  • Start the year at work by finding out about your employer’s health and safety policy.
  • Even with good H&S policies in place, incidents do sometimes happen in the workplace. Find out if there were any past H&S incidents at work. What was the outcome and how did the policy change after that?
  • What do you think would be a useful addition to the H&S policy? Ask your employer if they would welcome suggestions on improving the company policy. Get your colleagues actively involved and ask them to come up with ideas and present these to your employer. There may be some valuable ideas which could result in an improved policy that the workforce can benefit from.
  • Ask your employer for regular H&S training (if this isn’t already in place). Maybe you could volunteer to run the training programme? This will keep employees compliant, well and protected at work, and you might enjoy the challenge of doing something new.
  • When we talk about health and safety policies, we usually think of the impact they have on our physical health, but of course, the policies must cover our whole health, including our mental well-being. Most of us have struggled with poor mental health at some time or other, especially during and after the lockdowns. Think about how can you help yourself and your colleagues to achieve and keep good mental health at work and beyond.
  • Keep in regular touch with your colleagues via weekly Teams meetings, particularly if you or others work from home. Discuss not only work matters but have a chat about what’s going on in life in general. Remember those chats in ‘the old days’ when we gathered in the office kitchen to make a coffee? You’ll feel as though you’ve met them in person even if you’ve only seen their faces on the screen.
  • Start a conversation about mental health. This isn’t always easy but it may prompt your colleagues to discuss their worries and concerns. This will help strengthen relationships at work and you can pool ideas about ways to support each other.
  • Arrange social occasions or activities that everyone can take part in. Ask your colleagues what their interests are or come up with ideas for a group event. This may be only once or twice a year if the workforce is distributed over a large area, and it will take some planning, but it will give everyone something to look forward to.

You’ll have your ideas to help contribute to a healthy and safe workforce. You may even boost your own mental health by helping others in the process and that’s a very positive way to start 2023!

If you have suffered an accident or mental stress at work (or any type of accident within the last 3 years) which wasn’t your fault, we may be able to help you get compensation. Call us on 01425 275555, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in the form on our website

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Our lawyers are highly experienced in this area of the law, having successfully handled many different types of personal injury claims. Our philosophy is to offer you an informal and friendly approach, putting you at ease. Never stuffy and always welcoming, you will soon realise that the whole Simpkins & Co ‘family’ has your best interests at heart. Any lawyer can take on a personal injury compensation claim, but only a specialist in that field will give you sophisticated legal advice.

Personal injury applies to physical and/or psychological harm resulting from an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. It includes: -

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Pedestrian and passenger accidents
  • Bicycle/motorcycle accidents
  • E-scooter accidents
  • Accidents at work
  • Factory or warehouse accidents
  • Injuries caused in the construction industry
  • Supermarket accidents.

Money in itself is not something which can replace adequately what has been lost in terms of the ability to live life in the same way as before the accident, but it does make some things easier, including access to rehabilitation and necessary treatments. Personal injury law exists to help put an injured person’s life back to where it was, or as close as possible before a needless injury happened.

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