Dementia Action Week 2024 in Lymington and New Forest

Activities and events during Dementia Action Week 2024 13-19 May



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There are more than 944,000 people in the UK with dementia and 1 in 11 over the age of 65.  Because people are living longer, current predictions are that by 2030 the number will be more than 1 million. (Source: https://www.nhs.uk and search dementia.) And notwithstanding the emergence of new drugs which can slow symptoms to some extent, there is currently no cure. Despite the fact that many people with dementia will eventually need 24 hour support including nursing, dementia care is still labelled "social" and very little funding is available. In other words, on top of the emotional aspects, the cost of older age can suddenly wrack up horribly.

So National Dementia Action Week is pertinent to many of us. And whilst this has a number of national objectives not least campaigning for more government funding, locally the focus of Lymington Dementia Action Group (LDAG) is twofold. First it's to provide information, including signposting to a number of organisations which can provide support of various kinds. And secondly it's to help "living with dementia" to be a positive experience for as long as possible, by offering enjoyable activities and companionship. Please spread the word! Meanwhile a summary of what's happening next week.

All dementia friendly events are listed on the Lymington.com Events Calendar (from the full calendar select the category "dementia" and note the link: https://www.lymington.com/dementia-events). 


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