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Considering a care home, for yourself or a relative?

A stress free, comfortable and companionable later life beckons, in a Colten Care home


If you are considering life in a care home either for yourself or for a loved one, now or planning ahead, please call us at Colten Care for a chat.  We make our commitment to you:  Our promise to cherish your spirit of independence means life in a Colten Care home will be stress free, comfortable and companionable - and for many residents, truly it can be fun too.


Colten Care has over 30 years experience of building and managing care homes


Colten Care is an independent family business, with care homes across the South of England.  We have more than 30 years’ experience in the design, build and management of care homes.  The design of each purpose-built home reflects our many years of experience in operating the homes to ensure the design is built around residents’ needs. 


Our mission is to provide all the ingredients for later life to enable elderly people not only to be well cared for but also to enjoy fun and companionship and retain their dignity, right into the later stages of old age.


A residential, nursing or dementia care home for your needs, close to Lymington

200257Five of our homes are located in and around Lymington. Each of these homes has common features in that they all offer the highest standards of comfort and care provided by fully trained and really "caring" staff, but each is also slightly different in both character and appeal.  Whilst all offer residential care and most can provide "respite", some are dedicated to dementia, others to general nursing or palliative care.  Subject of course to availability at the time of enquiry.


Fine living

The highest standards of accommodation with beautifully appointed bedrooms as well as gorgeously furnished and fitted living and dining areas, fine dining on home cooked quality food sourced locally where possible... the very best practice in clinical care for each individual resident...these are what you'd expect when you take the enormous step of moving from your own home into a care home.


Compassionate care

When you're tired or confused, it's very comforting that there are kind, caring people around you who know what you need and what you like best, offering companionship and comfort at all times of day and night.



If you have been living alone and feeling quite lonely, there is a wonderful surprise in store because new friends await you, together with the reassurance of knowing that caring staff are on hand whenever you need them.



964098If you have become used to a fairly routine existence without much going on, you will find a whole host of activities awaiting you, for you to simply enjoy without having to make the effort to organise them!  These range from arts, crafts and music related activities to excursions and outings and theatre trips.  They're on offer and encouraged, but there's never any pressure to join in.


Respect and dignity

If you are worried about some of the things you've heard about care homes, life in a Colten Care home is as far removed from those reports as it's possible to be.  You will never be pushed into doing something you don't want to do, only offered and encouraged.  Our respect for your individual needs is total and your dignity our absolute priority.


Trial or respite

We encourage you to try out life in a Colten Care home with a short term stay. Sample life in one of our homes for a week or so,  get the feel for what it's like and whether you feel comfortable with it. 

If carers need a break - we call it "respite".  Either way you can treat it as a trial.


Talk to us

Whatever your situation - son or daughter, husband or wife or indeed the person about to take this monumental step for yourself, talk to us at Colten Care.  We will listen to what you have to say, discuss the options with you and help you to find the right home for your individual needs.


Individual Colten Care care & rest homes in and near Lymington

Belmore Lodge, Lymington

Choose for:  A beautiful home, built in the ‘arts and crafts’ style where residents can enjoy the inspiring facilities including indoor beach and café spaces

Contact:  Chris Dimmick

Telephone:  01590 674700


Court Lodge, Lymington

Choose for: A relaxed and convivial atmosphere in a quiet residential area, built around a courtyard.  A haven with a prime location not, not far from the Marinas

Contact:   Jackie Seeborun

Telephone: 01590 673956


Linden House, New Street, Lymington

Specialist dementia care home 

Choose for:  All forms of dementia,  including Alzheimers

Linden House is our newest home, recently opened amidst lots of publicity. We are excited as this launch will see one of the UK’s most pioneering and comfortable dementia facilities open in the heart of Lymington.   This will herald a new era for Lymington, those families in Lymington who are living or perhaps struggling with dementia will at last have access to a facility that can help with their dementia care requirements.  Linden House is modelled on our award winning specialist dementia homes already providing wonderful homes to those living with dementia in in other towns.  Our specialist dementia homes provide absolutely outstanding levels of care focussed on the specific needs of those suffering from Alzheimers and other types of dementia.

Contact:  Jacqueline Hampton

Telephone: 01590 647500


Kingfishers, New Milton

Choose for: This trusted home sits at the heart of the New Milton and Barton on Sea community and is well integrated with the local area through regular participation with local community groups.

Contact: Rebecca Hannam

Telephone:  01425 626700


Woodpeckers, Brockenhurst

Choose for: rural tranquillity in the New Forest and a traditional home from home like ambience

Contact:  Jacqueline Reddell

Telephone 01590 623280


To find out more about Colten Care and our full portfolio of homes please visit: www.ColtenCare.co.uk

Updated Sept 2015


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