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The other side of this week's news about Colten Care Lymington 

Colten Care Lymington has been in the news this week.

It's not for us to comment on that particular news story about which few of us will know the facts.  Unfortunately though it's  considered necessary by the publishers of most news sources, to dramatise the negative in preference to the positive.  The reasons for that are obvious of course - bad news apparently still sells much better than good news!

The other side of a different story about Colten Care specialist dementia care

First of all, several of the care staff in the picture below were in the team of relatives and care staff who bicycled last year from Winchester to Lymington to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Research - all spending their own precious spare time on a long and exhausting day's cycling for a cause dear to people who deal daily with what it's really like, for those living with dementia and especially Alzheimer's Disease, and especially in the later stages of the disease which can be so traumatic for all concerned.


colten care st catherines dementia 19apr15 bike team



And now please with our compliments read the other side, of a very different story about life in a Colten Care specialist dementia care home from the one in the press this week. 


Care and compassion demonstrated daily by Colten Care care staff



This is our personal experience of the consistently high level of compassionate care dished our daily by the committed staff we've had the pleasure - and the honour - to deal with for the last four years.


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