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Volunteers who work together to serve the community


Lymington Town Hall in Avenue RoadThe Councillors of Lymington and Pennington Town Council are democratically elected to represent the electors in the town. 

They do not have to belong to any political party. They are volunteers and are held accountable by local people for things that happen locally. Their main aim is to work together to serve the community and bring local issues to the attention of the council and help it make decisions on behalf of the local community. They play a vital part in representing the interests of the communities they serve and improving the quality of life and local environment. They can influence other decision makers and can in many cases deliver services to meet local needs. 

They add diversity, because each councillor has different backgrounds, enthusiasms and interests. All have different skills and attitudes, some work with ideas while others are very practical, some like accounts while others prefer reports. But for all of them their main aim is that they want to do something positive for the community they live in.

At Lymington and Pennington Town Council there are 15 elected councillors including one chairman who is called the Town Mayor.

Since 2021 Lymington and Pennington’s Town Mayor is Cllr James Hoare and the Deputy Mayor is Cllr Andrew Gossage.

Lymington and Pennington Deputy Mayor Cllr Andrew Gossage

You can meet all our local councillors here:  https://lymingtonandpennington-tc.gov.uk/councillors-1Mayor Lymington and Pennington Cllr James Hoare

The council committees

There are 4 committees held normally every month, chaired by a head chairperson for each committee

  • Council – to discuss matters pertaining to the locality and Council.
  • Amenities - to discuss our open spaces and how we might want to spend money on these areas.
  • Policy and Resources - to discuss and decide how money is spent. Usually deciding on Amenities meeting items.
  • Planning - to input Lymington and Pennington Town Council's views before planning is finally decided by NFDC or the National Park Authority. The Town Council are consultees only for NFDC and National Park Authority planning. They do not make the overall decision.

For more information about the Town Council please see https://lymington.com/lymington-pennington-town-council




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