Colten Care homes parade and tea party at Lymington Carnival

Join the Mad Hatters this Sunday morning at Lymington Carnival!

Colten Care and Alice Through the Looking Glass at Lymington Carnival 2018

colten care lymington carnival alice wonderland residents 800All comers to Lymington Carnival are invited to drop in at Colten Care’s Mad Hatter’s tea party on the lawn in front of the Town Council offices where the Parade begins and finishes – a brilliant photo shot vantage spot!

It’s one of the most popular children’s stories of all time – and Colten Care residents and staff are bringing it to life at the Lymington Carnival. 

‘Alice through the Looking Glass” is Team Colten’s theme this year, with an open invite for all to come along and see the ‘curiouser and curiouser’ parade including 35 residents and staff from Colten Care’s homes in Lymington, Brockenhurst and New Milton.

Craft sessions making props and costumes in all five New Forest care homes

Craft sessions are in production mode in all five homes (three of which are now rated “Outstanding” by the Quality Care Commission) enabling as many residents as possible to get involved. And everybody not in character costume will if they’d like to be wearing the specially commissioned t-shirts for the day.

You will be able to see the Cheshire Cat (Linden House Lymington), Mad Hatter (Belmore Lodge Lymington) , Queen of Hearts (Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst), White Rabbit (Court Lodge Lymington) and, of course, Alice herself (Kingfishers New Milton).

This is the fifth year in a row that family-owned Colten has supported the Carnival. As always, the aim is for residents and relatives to have fun, retain their community links and do their fundraising bit for the event’s good causes.

Lewis Carroll’s classic tale is an ideal theme, given Colten residents’ liking for afternoon tea parties, especially in their homes’ beautiful gardens during the summer.

Best seats in the house - the Colten viewing area and the Mad Hatter's tea party 

The Colten Care Lymington Carnival 2018 TShirtIndeed, the now customary roadside viewing area – set aside to give residents and families the ‘best seats in the house’ – is this year doubling as a comfortable outdoor tea party.

Vera Diplock, a resident at Court Lodge in Lymington, said: “We’ve been having a lot of fun making our costumes and now can’t wait for the big day when we can bring Alice and the other characters to life. I expect there will be lots of laughter and smiles all round.”

Julia Puia, Companionship Team Leader at Court Lodge, said: “Many of our residents enjoyed watching or participating in the Carnival in the past and so we are thrilled to help them revisit it. Some want to be in the actual parade while others just want to sit back and enjoy a bit of VIP viewing, watching the procession go past from our vantage point near the TownHall.

Whatever they want to do, it’s always a fantastic day out.”




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