Take care - don't start a New Forest fire

Take care - don't start a New Forest fire

It only takes one careless match, cigarette or bbq to cause a fire that can destroy habitats and landscapes for many years.

The current dry conditions have increased the risk of fires in the forest and wider countryside. Wildfires (uncontrolled, unwanted or unplanned fire) can cause severe damage to habitats and landscapes, which in some cases can take decades to restore, not to mention impacts on soil, water quality and carbon storage. Fires such as these can be devastating to all of the things that make the New Forest and Pennington Common special – and they can be especially damaging to the wildlife that thrives there.

Lymington and Pennington Town Council would like everyone to be able to enjoy the outdoors, however urge everyone to act responsibly. It’s important that people do not have open camp fires or barbeques on Pennington Common - or in the New Forest - and that any cigarettes are extinguished properly.

The Forestry Commission have issued a poster warning about the dangers of forest fires. If you discover a forest fire dial 999 immediately and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service. 

Forestry Commission fire warning poster

On Tuesday 10 July a large area of health-land in the New Forest National Park was destroyed by fire. The blaze, off Badminston Lane in Fawley, Hampshire, started at about 6pm and affected about 2.5 hectares (6 acres) of land. Twenty firefighters, three fire engines, four Hampshire Fire Service 4x4 vehicles, as well as its wildfire vehicle, were sent to the scene. The fire was put out by about 11pm.

Every year, fire destroys thousands of hectares of countryside across England. They are a threat to people, wildlife and forest. Although some fires are started deliberately, most of them are due to carelessness. We’d like to remind everyone to take care all the time, not only during the current dry spell.

Let's all take care and avoid starting wildfires.


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