Oscar Pet Foods and Home Delivery Service New Forest

The waggy tails of the dogs who love OSCAR

And of Clare who delivers OSCAR Pet Foods to your New Forest door

oscar happy dogs springers boettger aero mum ruby daughterNo more decisions to make about which brand to buy, no more heavy loads of pet foods to carry home. Buying Oscar makes life easier all round, as well as making healthy sense for your pet. 

13 Years with OSCAR says it all!

There have been four much loved Springer Spaniels in the Boettger Family over the last 13 years, and they’ve all dined happily on Oscar. As the latest in the lineage mum Aero and her daughter Ruby say: “Our family swears by OSCAR!”

Clare brings their food on a regular day of the week, Aero and Ruby anticipate her arrival! She knows what they like and regularly rotates the tempting flavours to provide variety.

Only OSCAR will do for Shyla

Shyla likes to eat a raw diet when possible, but when she goes to stay with her friends who dine on convenient and quick to prepare dried food, she doesn’t expect her host humans to handle the raw meat.

oscar breakfast in bed shyla PORTRAIT 600So Shyla tried a couple of well known dried food brands - and early experimentation turned into trial with errors .

But then Shyla discovered OSCAR.It clearly tasted good, and seemed to be much better suited to her digestive system than the other dried foods she’d tried. So Oscar immediately became the only dried dog food for her.

In fact Shyla likes her OSCAR so much that it’s now her preference for her (rapidly consumed) breakfast in bed at home. 


Many New Forest dogs’ best human friend – Clare Muir

All doggy households seem to love Clare. Of course she is always bringing food, so perhaps that’s not surprising! OSCAR treats are very tasty, the perfect small size for rewards and also come in a variety of flavours.

“Dogs tend to be sensitive to the cereals in dog food rather than the meat," says Clare. "A single cereal source is much easier to digest and this applies especially to dogs with sensitive tummies, but many dog foods contain multiple cereals and a lot of additives.

"OSCAR contains no additives and a high percentage of meat, which gives a better aroma, in fact dogs get a bit excited about it! All the gluten free variants contain a single cereal only which is much easier to digest and thus particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies.

"When I first came across OSCAR my own dog was snooty about food and her coat was in poor condition. Switching to Oscar resulted in rapid improvement not just to her enjoyment of eating but to her skin and coat too.

"Then one day about 3 years after this I received a letter from my local OSCAR franchisee saying he was relocating to France and would anybody like to buy the franchise. At the time I was ready to start something new and had thought about running my own business. I really loved the idea of selling something in which I myself was such a firm believer so I went for it!Dogs love eating Oscar Pet Foods

"Our OSCAR taste trials allow dogs to sample the different varieties and also to compare their reactions to 'other' dog foods. This really suits dogs that can be fussy over their food. We also do an OSCAR 'starter pack' for £5 which enables people to try their dogs on OSCAR in their own time, and customers get the £5 back when they place their first order so it’s a win win.”

Home delivery and flexible ways to pay

Oscar pet foods all the dogs love ClarePictured posing are Clare's own trio Willow the pointer (now sadly passed on but thrived on OSCAR to the ripe old age of 15!), Eddie the Spaniel and Dudley the Beagle.

Clare has a weekly routine and delivers to different areas of the New Forest on specific days of the week so you know exactly when she’s going to come by. Of course if you’re out she’ll leave your delivery in a safe place.

Payment can be by regular cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer – whatever suits you best.

In fact Clare’s overriding business principle is that she will tailor your OSCAR service to your needs.

If you’d like to try your own OSCAR starter pack get in touch with Clare today! 

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