Window Spotting in the New Forest - spotlight on shop windows

Window Spotting in the New Forest

Shopping in the New Forest - spotlight on retail windows 

Welcome to our new feature gallery, which we'll share with you when our eye is caught, even captivated, by something special buchanan lymington jeweller windowspot 23aug19 2 SQUAREin a shop window!

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23 August 2019 - Buchanan Jeweller LymingtonBuchanan Lymington jeweller windowspot 23aug19 - close up of Les Georgettes by Altesse

First in our new window spotting series is in Lymington in anticipation of August Bank Holiday Weekend.

We spotted these delicious looking bracelets in many colours which drew us closer to the window, thinking that at £49 (price visible in the window) these would not only be very desirable to complement the accent colour of an outfit, but also they'd make great gifts!

So, out came the phone to take a photo. Which in turn gave us the idea that this might make rather a lovely regular feature - to showcase what's on display in the windows of some of our very special independent shops across the New Forest..

Buchanan Jeweller Lymington is also a business Member of, which means first you can click that link to find out more including address, weblink and contact details, plus that we know a little about this gem of a jewellers shop!  And so  we called Iain to find out more about these gorgeous bracelets in many colours which look like a very promising new addition to his already fabulous range of not too expensive jewellery. Buchanan Lymington jeweller windowspot 23aug19 - second close up of Les Georgettes by Altesse

What’s behind the window...

We discovered, that this range is even better than we'd spotted. Les Georgettes by Altesse combines customisable jewellery with interchangeable colours: they're available in different designs and several widths, which can be customised to complement your style with pop up colour.

Switching the colours

With a couple of swift actions you can change the colour of your jewellery to match your outfit, your handbag, or your mood - without needing to buy a separate bracelet. The colours are in bands, and they simply click in and out of the frame. Fabulous!


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