Lymington Society shop local - save jobs New Forest campaign

Shop local - save New Forest jobs

Lymington Society launches “Shop Local – Save Jobs” with support from the Chamber of Commerce

lymington society shop local save jobs jun20 POSTERAfter our own hearts and those of all of us who support local businesses at this challenging time when people have become un-used to going shopping and very used to buying much more online this is welcome news - well done the Lymington Society!

The Society has launched an “I Love Lymington - Shop Local -Save Jobs” campaign to persuade local people to support retailers and businesses in the town and help reboot the local economy after the 3-month lockdown caused by coronavirus.

This initiative is also supported by the Lymington and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry whose support is welcomed for this initiative to get Lymington shopping again and boost the local economy

The “Shop Local – Save Jobs” campaign includes banners displayed in the town and on the approaches to town, as well as posters and flyers being distributed in shops and community facilities. Local people and retailers are invited to download the poster from the Lymington Society website and display in their shop windows to show their support for this important initiative.

Look out for the posters and flyers 

Speaking about the campaign, Don Mackenzie, Lymington Society Press Spokesman said:

"We all know how hard the retail sector has been hit by the three month lockdown, which whilst very necessary, has caused havoc with the finances of many business and especially those of non essential shops. This is on top of the pressure that shops were already facing from the internet and this was evident even before the lock down with increasing numbers of empty shops in the town.

Now that the lockdown is being eased, we have decided to launch our Shop Local - Save Jobs campaign to try and persuade local people to consider, wherever possible, using local shop, suppliers and businesses, rather than looking elsewhere

As part of the “Shop Local – Save Jobs” Campaign we urge residents to “think before they click” and give local shops a try rather than automatically reach for the mouse or the smartphone.

Maybe a call to a local shop could allow them to order in the item just as quickly as ordering online and help to preserve the High Street - which in our hearts we all want to survive.

Let's all “think local” and feel good that we are doing out bit for the local economy and our community.

Full details of our initiative are available on our website”

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Society also welcomes Hampshire County Council change of heart on parking charges

The Society has also welcomed the important change of heart by the Hampshire County Council (HCC), which has now deferred parking charges until at least September, after the Society urged the HCC to scrap those charges in a letter to HCC Deputy Leader Councillor Humby earlier in the month.


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