Face to face meetings New Forest scouts cubs and beavers

New Forest scouts, cubs and beavers are back! 

COVID-19 action plan for face to face meetings prepared for the Milford on Sea and Keyhaven Sea Scouts 

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Sean Reeves is by day Head of Residential Conveyancing at Letchers Solicitors in Ringwood, by community he’s a Beaver and Cub Scout Leader for 15th New Forest South – Milford on Sea and Keyhaven Sea Scouts.

And having hosted weekly virtual meetings during lockdown, his Group became one of the first in the country to return to face to face meetings. 

Following advice from the Scout Association that troops in England can start to have meetings in person again, Sean spent over 40 hours putting together a policy for his group. He literally toiled over the research to produce this COVID-19 Action Plan in order to facilitate face to face meetings for his young members. It encompasses the framework set by The Scouts Association and the National Youth Agency.

sea scouts milford keyhaven LogoA proforma and template for other New Forest groups 

As such we thought it could be helpful for other local community groups and associations in the New Forest. In fact for anybody, organising face to face gatherings as we attempt to live more normally in anything but normal circumstances.

Sean says: “The scout association have provided a "traffic light" system for operation. When it is on red, we are not able to host face to face meetings. Amber means that we are able to meet in small groups outside of 15 participants including an adult, and green is pretty much back to normal. As of Tuesday, apart from areas like Leicester, the level in England was changed from red to amber which meant that, subject to approval from the district commissioner, we are now able to meet face to face again.”

Having had the policy approved, eleven members of the 18-strong troop met at the scout hut in Keyhaven and, accompanied by their two leaders and an adult helper, walked to a wooded area to take part in outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts and foraging.

Although they are now able to meet in person, Sean said the troop will continue to provide both face to face and virtual meetings.

He says: “We have engaged with the parents during lockdown and the majority of them have wanted their children to come back to face to face meetings. Some of our members have been shielding or don’t feel comfortable return to face to face meetings yet and we don’t want to deter them. However on the flip side of that, we have had some people who don’t like the virtual meeting setting. So it is a very fine balancing act to try and get everyone involved.”

Dilemmas of a similar nature will face many other groups in the New Forest...

Download the action plan to use as a framework for similar groups

The action plan has been written to set out the policy for the Group and is consistent with The Scouts framework and guidance, with some variations which are specific for the Group. Its purpose is to keep everyone safe and to prevent the spread of COVID-19 whilst slowly moving back to face to face meetings.

It also though contains a lot which would be useful to anybody else setting out to provide a policy for similar situations. 

You can read the full policy document by downloading it here.  Sean would be very happy for others to take advantage of his many hours of toil!

sea scouts milford keyhaven

And finally - a note of appreciation for Bounce Back Coach Kevin Stansfield

Sean is also a member of a local WhatsApp business support group which was foresightedly set up at the beginning of these strange times and guided during Covid by  Members of the WhatsApp group, representing a wide range of business sectors and sizes, have also provided useful support and advice to each other during Lockdown and subsequently, as businesses and individuals grapple with the complexities of furlough, grants, loans etc and try and keep their businesses going for the long term.  

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