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Shop, buy, care, run, bike, support local! 

Round up of what's been happening and is upcoming Lymington and New Forest Friday 20 November

Rococoflo Tibetan terrier puppyOur Weekly What’s On e-newsletter introduction would have been just too long this week hence a blog for a change! Main theme predictably enough is: shop and do business locally which is of course our constant refrain. If we all do it, often enough, it will make a difference: it will help our local businesses pull through and save jobs, and it will mean that next year and in years to come we will still have a local economy and a thriving local community too.

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Au revoir to Di

Brief hello to Rococoflo, Flo for short, Tibetan terrier pup awaiting the arrival of her new owner to whom we must ourselves sadly say au revoir. The wonderful Di Roberts, Principal of Brockenhurst College for as long as most of us can remember, is on her way to her new life in France. Amongst her many achievements Di was made a CBE for services to further education and later accompanied then Prime Minister David Cameron on a trip to China. But in terms of successes she said back in April when she announced her retirement: "I feel most proud of the amazing contribution Brock has made to so many futures and so many lives. What a wonderful legacy, to have played even a small part in Brock’s proud history of helping people of all abilities achieve their very best.” On behalf of the thousands of students who have passed through the college over the last 14 years while you've been at the helm including many of our own children, we say thank you and we shall miss you!

Run, walk, bike, keep fit and mentally strong and support Oakhaven at the same time!

I recently discovered that since the first lockdown of our close friends has been biking for Oakhaven - with cycling as his much loved leisure activity and realising that Oakhaven would be suffering an enormous drop in income because no events were taking place he decided early on, to make his cycling  a win win for both himself and Oakhaven.  Very simply he pledged to give Oakhaven 40 pence for every mile he cycled throughout the pandemic. He also promised to bring his partner into the "deal". He has since raised a tidy sum for Oakhaven simply by doing what he loves. At the same time keeping fit and as we all know fresh air and exercise is great for mental health too.

runners at end of Oakhaven 10Meanwhile, last Sunday was the "official" day of the Oakhaven 10, and something rather special happened. In the middle of a weekend when the elements otherwise howled day and night it seems all the more incredible looking back on it, that for the two brief hours needed for the “Hatchets” to run 10 miles the sky should clear, the sun should shine and we should be able to run in t-shirts!  Somebody somewhere was definitely smiling on us and others elsewhere participating in this year’s very unusual Oakhaven 10, as well he or should, given the cause to provide end of life care for all those who need it in the New Forest, Totton and the Waterside, and Oakhaven’s desperate need for more funds!

Here's a thought: looking ahead to next week's "Black Friday" why not ignore all those offers promoting things we don’t need at prices which when you look into it are not really that much reduced  - and instead find new ways to support our local, so deserving charities like Oakhaven!

Oakhaven has launched its new regular giving scheme: Oakhaven Giving. If everybody in the New Forest, Totton and Waterside areas were to give the price of a cup of coffee every month, all Oakhaven's annual income needs would be met.  Quite a thought isn't it.  Here's the link if you'd like to read more about it!

Backing local shops: the Lymington Society

shop local save jobs bannerThe Lymington Society is a very interesting organisation which is getting up to all sorts of good on our behalves, including getting behind local business with its Shop Local campaign which will shortly be promoted again in the build up to Christmas.

The Lymington Society has also just started a new monthly newsletter - if you're interested in the preservation of Lymington as we love it you might like to receive it too. Have a read here of the first one and sign up if you'd like to receive in future. 

Buying local: New Forest Marque

Meanwhile, we want also to remind you about the New Forest Marque and how you can buy the most fabulous locally grown, produced, cooked, concocted, products direct from their makers or via their local stockists. We have heard a couple of people lately say they have never seen the New Forest Marque Website - so in case you’re one of them, do give it a visit, now!

Amazon - only with a Smile!

There are times we know when most people need to use Amazon for something. Let's all try to remember, if we put the word “smile” first, we'll at least be making a donation to our chosen charity.


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