Snap Happy April free photographic competition with prizes

Snap Happy April

Free to enter New Forest photographic competition with prizes to be won

Snap Happy April

It's Snap Happy April and finally, within reason, we're free to go out and about with family and friends to enjoy the delights of our lovely local towns as they come back to life. Also, our amazing New Forest National Park, our rivers, Solent shores, beaches and of course actually out on the sea too.

So, while you're out and about this April with spring in the air and a sense of the summer to come, get snapping with your camera or phone and enter the Lymington.com Snap Happy April photographic competition.

We just know that your images will be a joy to others. Why not give it a try?

Closing date Mon 3 May

Competition is open for photos taken until the end of April; get your entries in by Monday 3 May

What to snap

Think back to the last time you were struck by a woodland glade that was lit perfectly by the light, or perhaps a stream where the water glittered as it trickled beneath the bridge. Perhaps try to release your inner creativity, take an image for others to enjoy as you have. You never know, your image might be the catalyst that helps those who might have become unintentionally housebound to get out and explore. Wouldn’t that be nice?

donkey in hedge

Send us your best April photos whether they be seasonal topical or humorous. Include a suitable title too as appropriate, the wittier the better. Here at Lymington.com we like a giggle.

Please note that you give us permission to share across all our social media as well as in this newsletter.

We would particularly appreciate some great images with people in them, not staring at the camera, that’s called an identity parade. It's more the interaction between people and surroundings. Instead of staring guiltily at the camera your victim might be observing animals or perhaps having an animated conversation with friends, that kind of thing.

It goes without saying that we will include photographer credits where we use your photos - so a little local fame is promised as well as prizes. What’s stopping you?

Prizes - more to come

There will be prizes for our favourites, donated by Lymington.com Business Members including:

Cyclexperience and Boost Bike Hub 

elvis patricia podesta triciapodestagmail.com 2 SMALL

More to come!

Some favourite entries so far...

Include Platform 9 3/4 sent in by Jill Lee, you may have seen this already since it's received a LOT of likes on local Facebook pages!

And Elvis from Lymington enjoying Easter Day!

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Send your photos by email or social media

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send via https://www.facebook.com/LymingtonHampshire/ or https://www.instagram.com/lymingtondotcom/

Don't forget to include your name and contact details.

With editorial assistance from Marvellous Mark!

See Mark and Hugh articles and cartoons here. 



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