Esther Rantzen and some lessons of life in the New Forest

Strap on your tin helmet and keep going!

Esther Rantzen's lifelong gawkiness hasn't stopped her achieving her dreams – and ultimate happiness...

...which is maybe enhanced by living full time in the New Forest.

esther rantzen and desmond wilcox Journalist and broadcaster Dame Esther Rantzen was a fixture of British television for decades, most notably as presenter of the long-running BBC series That’s Life! 

Now, aged 80, Rantzen has moved out of London to New Forest, somewhere she spent many happy years on holiday.

Pictured are Esther Rantzen with husband Desmond Wilcox, pioneering documentary maker who died in 2000.

We spotted this feature article in the Big Issue - you can read more by clicking the link.







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