Between two rivers Lymington Society Aimee Durnell talk

Between two rivers

In fact between Lymington, Beaulieu and Brockenhurst, as depicted by the brilliant Aimee Durnell

Brockenhurst village illustrationThe Lymington Society recently organised a wonderful talk by well known local artist Aimee Durnell, about the background to her lovely book "Between Two Rivers".

Background to the Lymington Society

The Lymington Society, which was established in the 1960s, is what is known as a Civic or Amenity Society, one of many similar organisations around the country which try to ensure that the built environment of their community is not damaged by unsuitable developments.

They also act as a forum for discussions on important issues facing their communities, often bringing other relevant parties in too.

Often called a ”planning watchdog”, the Lymington Society does indeed examine all planning applications in the town. It is not against all developments, in fact is very pro many of those which sympathetically extend the heritage  in character  (eg the current conversations about the Quay area), but does object on behalf of its members to developments which it feels will harm the character of the town itself.

Wonderful, uplifting, gatherings are a vital component of membership too

mandarin duckThe Society does also try and arrange a range of social events for its members and before covid came along would normally hold up to 5 illustrated lectures or gallery visits, together with its annual Summer Garden Party and Christmas Drinks Party. These events enable members to socialise and make new friends and are really popular with members of the Society.

With another lockdown in place since December last year, the Society was able to arrange a lively programme of Zoom illustrated talks and the latest of these took place on 12th of May when a good audience of about 50 members and guests were treated to a captivating and lively talk by local artist Aimee Durnell entitled “Between Two Rivers”.

Between Two Rivers 

Brockenhurst village illustrationTaking its title from one of Aimee’s popular books of her paintings which she has published and which are on sale in local bookshops, the talk mirrored the book starting from Lymington and tracing the source of the Lymington River up to Boldreford Bridge, then across the boggy expanses of the New Forest and down the Beaulieu River to the Solent.

With a large numbers of beautiful photographs and some of Aimee’s paintings, the talk was a wonderful evocation of the beautiful area that we all live in and this was made even more captivating by the bubbly and excited delivery given by Aimee herself. With wonderful woops of joy and laughter, together with expansive hand and arm movements, Aimee really brought her talk to life and helped us appreciate some of the pleasure that she feels living in this beautiful area.

Combining touching details about chats she had with locals along the route, as well as a fascinating range of interesting facts about the wonderful countryside and the history and heritage along the way, Aimee’s talk was a real tour de force which is all the more difficult when presenting a Zoom talk staring at a screen and talking way without any feedback from those viewing.

After the usual post talk questions the talk ended with many expression of gratitude to Aimee for such an uplifting presentation.

Back to some kind of normal we hope soon

With lockdown now being systematically reduced the Society is pleased to announce that, all being well, we plan to hold our first actual meeting when we hold our annual Summer Garden party which will take place on July the 8th in the beautiful gardens of East Grove In Grove Road Lymington. Full details will be available soon on our website at www.lymsoc.co.uk. The Society welcomes new members who would like to support the work of the Society as well as take part in the many interesting and welcoming social events.

Find out more about the Lymington Society here - new members always welcome!




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