Merry Christmas from, photos by Matt Callaghan

Happy Christmas from, with photos by Matt Callaghan

We wish you all as Merry a 2021 Christmas as you can make it!

Lymington Christmas 2021 by Matt Callaghan

Lymington Christmas Ribbon 2021 by Matt Callaghan


Thank you Matt! And thank you all your various ways for supporting Bartley Marketing and, reading our Weekly What's On and engaging with our social media platforms this year.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish you all as Covid-free a Merry Christmas as possible, together with your families if that's what you'd planned and you're not separated by requirements of isolation. And let's all who are able take some downtime, recharge our batteries for whatever 2022 will bring.

A reminder of some of our deserving local charities this Christmas

Oakhaven Hospice: once again having to cancel live events this autumn and Christmas

Hammersley Homes: with its enormous mission to provide a safe home for life for people with long term mental illness

Lymington Lifeboat: as part of the vast RNLI network daily and nightly saving lives at sea

New Forest Basics Bank: of whose volunteers we are in awe and admiration. (Do read Lorraine's Christmas poem here too!)

Lymington Rotary: raising funds which they then pass on to local deserving causes.

The Lymington Centre: supporting its local community in a myriad of ways for over 70 years

If you have a little spare money - or time - and can support any of these charities in any way they will be grateful - just click the respective links embedded in the charity names above for more information.

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But now it's Christmas Eve, and Father Christmas is nearly here! Happy Christmas!

Father Christmas on his way with full moon behind



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