A Right Royal Rave up at Lymington Infant School

Lymington Infants celebrate with a Right Royal Rave up

Pupils at Lymington CE Infant School dressed in red, white and blue, made their own Union Jacks and cheered for the Queen!

Lymington Infants had a truly memorable day at school on Wednesday 1st of June as they held their Jubilee celebrations. In the morning the children had a special worship where they learned all about the Queen and what she does! They looked fantastic in their red, white and blue patriotic clothing and made their own, very individual, Union Jack flags to wave!

The street party was a wash of red, white and blue, flags were waved enthusiastically and the food provided by the school’s amazing cooks was by all accounts simply delicious.

They even had a visit from some Royal guests who turned up to ‘meet and greet’ the children! (the staff love to dress up!) The children had been learning the National Anthem which was sung with passion and pride.

The day ended with a special presentation and each child received a commemorative badge donated by the Friends of School. 

The school has also taken part in the tree planting initiative, the Queens Green Canopy and has its own special tree which was planted to mark the Jubilee.

Headteacher Julia Morris invites you to find out more about Lymington CE Infant School on its website



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