2024 Ofsted Inspection of Lymington Church of England Infant School - excellent on every count

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An outstanding New Forest school at the heart of the community

Lymington Infants School pupils

Inspection dates: 19 and 20 March 2024

  • Overall effectiveness: Outstanding
  • The quality of education: Outstanding
  • Behaviour and attitudes: Outstanding
  • Personal development: Outstanding
  • Leadership and management: Outstanding
  • Early years provision: Outstanding
  • Previous inspection grade: Outstanding


  • Pupils receive the best possible start to their education at Lymington Infant School.
  • Children are well supported by expert staff who make skilful adaptations to lessons so all pupils can access the learning
  • The provision for personal development is exceptional.
  • Pupils benefit from a highly ambitious curriculum.
  • Behaviour is first rate.
  • Pupils are extremely polite and considerate.
  • Pupils' retention of knowledge is impressive.


Detailed sections from report below...


What is it like to attend this school?

Pupils receive the best possible start to their education at Lymington Infant school.
The values of love, courage and respect permeate through the school. Because of
this, children are exceptionally inclusive and welcoming to all. The school is
ambitious for all pupils, including the small number of those who are disadvantaged.
Pupils benefit from an excellent curriculum offer and love learning and achieve well
as a result.

Behaviour is first rate. Pupils focus attentively in lessons and are always ready to
learn. They say this is a kind school where everyone is well looked after. This is
demonstrated through their friendly and respectful interactions with each other and
with adults. Attendance is high and pupils want to be in school.

Pupils benefit from an enriched curriculum offer. The school is at the heart of the
local community Pupils appreciate many opportunities to be involved in projects
such as visiting the local h ospice or litter picking in the neighbouring streets. They
relish the opportunity to perform songs at the church or at the school community
tea. Music is an important feature of the school s wider offer and it broadens pupils
love of the performing arts. Pupils develop a deep sense of pride in their school.

What does the school do well and what does it need to do better?

Children in early years receive the best possible start to their educational journey.
They benefit from an expertly crafted curriculum which often exceeds the national
expectations. Learning activities are constructed with care and attention and
children are supported to become independent learners. Rich opportunities to read
and count encourage children to focus intently. Highly trained staff support and
extend learning effectively so that children are extremely well prepared for Year 1.

Pupils in Year 1 and 2 also benefit from a highly ambitious curriculum. The school
has precisely mapped out the essential knowledge, skills and vocabulary that pupils
will learn. Pupils are supported to routinely revisit key learning through well planned
recall activities. This allows pupils to gradually remember more of the curriculum
over time and to achieve highly. Staff accurately check pupils understanding and
identify misconceptions quickly. They use this information to plan future lessons and
to close any gaps in learning. Pupils retention of knowledge is impressive. For
example, they recall with confidence what they have learned about the Titanic and
its links to local people who worked on board. They are skilled at making links
between events in history and comparing them with life today.

Staff support pupils who need extra help extremely well. Pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities benefit highly from the same ambitious curriculum. They are well supported by expert staff who make skilful adaptions to lessons so all pupils can access the learning. Teachers accurately identify any pupil in need of support, including those who are disadvantaged. They ensure that effective catch up opportunities are provided. The school is ambitious for all pupils to achieve their best outcomes. Staff provide the right support at the right time to ensure that all pupils are highly successful.

The teaching of reading is a top priority. This starts in early years, where children start to learn sounds, enjoy many stories and increase their vocabulary quickly. Younger children love to act out stories. Staff teach phonics with precision. As a result, pupils learn to read with fluency and accuracy by time they move on to the junior school. Routine checks enable staff to identify and then support pupils at risk
of falling behind to help them keep up.

The school has the highest expectations for pupils behaviour and attendance. All staff consistently model these expectations to pupils. As a result, pupils are extremely polite and considerate to each other and to the adults in school. The provision for pupils personal development is exceptional. The school values are
deeply rooted in the ethos of the school. Pupils are supported to develop a strong understanding of respect. Pupils value the many leadership roles they can apply for, especially those that involve looking after nature areas in the school or in the community. They benefit from a range of exciting clubs which nurture their interests and talents. Staff ensure that everyone can access this provision including pupils
who are disadvantaged.

Leaders at all levels are highly ambitious for the pupils in their school. Governors provide strong challenge to ensure that the school maintains its high standards of education. Staff feel very well supported. They benefit from a range of training which supports them to u nderstand how to best support pupils learning. The school is not complacent. Everyone focuses on ensuring that the curriculum is constantly
refined to best meet the needs of all pupils.


(More details from the report including facts and figures and how to feed back views are available from the school; the main comments have been included above.)


Julia Morris Headteacher says:

‘I am delighted and extremely proud of our wonderful children, families and whole staff team including governors, who all have a role in making our school an exceptional place to be.

The report rightly acknowledges the ambitious curriculum, caring ethos and particularly the highly skilled, enthusiastic and dedicated staff who make everyday an outstanding day at Lymington Infants.’

Veronica Crowley Chair of Governors says:

‘It is a fantastic achievement that Ofsted have recognised that Lymington Infants is an outstanding school where children get the very best possible start to their education.  The whole community can be deeply proud of this report.’


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