Oscar Pet Foods dog show at Lymington Carnival

Calling canine companions for the Lymington Carnival Dog Show!

For the third successive year Oscar Pet Foods is hosting and organising the Dog Show at the

Lymington Carnival Fete.

Oscar Pet Foods on Show at LymingtonEnter at the Oscar Pet Foods stand.

There are some very fun sounding classes.  Leaving quite a lot to competitors' imagination....


1. Waggiest Tail.

2. Best Roll Over.
3. Best Coat.
4. Best Sausage Catcher.
5. Best Lymington Sailors ( Fancy Dress for Dogs and Owners )
6. Friendliest Dog.


About Oscar Pet Foods


Clare's distinctive Oscar Pet Foods delivery van doing its rounds

Oscar Pet Foods is the largest pet food home delivery service in the country. In fact it has been delivering pet food via its national network of local nutritional advisors since 1994, and Clare Muir is the distributor for Lymington and the New Forest.


Oscar claims to offer a comprehensive range of pet food products to suit all breeds and lifestyles, and to provide an unrivalled level of service for its loyal and happy customers.


We thought it might be helpful to explain as best we can in Clare’s words what’s so good about Oscar Pet Foods – “Much More Than Pet Food” and with “Quality Ingredients, Honestly Labelled”.

Gluten-free, grain-free food for dogs cats and other animals

Oscar offers a wide choice of pet foods including gluten-free, weight-control and grain-free. These foods contain no additives and are suitable for pets with a wide range of allergies, intolerances and sensitivities.  There are dog foods and cat foods and also foods for rabbits, wild birds and small animals.

As Clare says, “Dogs can be sensitive to the cereals in dog food rather than the meat. A single cereal source in dog food is much easier to digest, and sensitive dogs especially, do well on a single cereal source.”

“It Works”

Clare Muir local distributor for Oscar Pet Foods with a customer's pet

Clare lives in Sway and you’ve probably seen her smart and distinctive van in your street as she does her rounds.  


Clare’s own introduction to Oscar was similar to that of many of her now New Forest customers: she had a pet dog with a skin condition which wouldn’t clear and who was also as she says “snooty about food”. Along came Oscar’s lamb and rice pet food, dog enjoyed it, symptoms cleared up and that was it. “A good percentage of meat gives the food a good aroma, dogs get a bit excited about it. Also my vet had never before suggested a link between coat issues and diet. Having got my own dog on the food and seen the improvements for myself, it was a no brainer to continue with Oscar."

You could say the rest is history, because a couple of years later the Oscar local Lymington distributor decided to move on, and such was the timing that Clare who was already extremely knowledgeable about nutrition for humans, did her sums and decided to buy his franchise.  With her children past the needy stage she had been thinking about running own business which was something she thought she might be good at, but didn’t know what business to go for...this opportunity seemed to have come at the right moment.

The business she bought had approximately 300 customers in Lymington and neighbouring villages. Clare began to talk with people she knew whose dogs or cats were sensitive to what they ate - because she knew how many pets with these symptoms responded to Oscar. To begin with she focussed on the gluten free foods which had worked in her own case - potato and rice instead of cereal.

Oscar Pet Foods Starter Pack £5 - redeemable against first full size purchase

Before the advent of the Oscar Starter Pack Clare used to do taste trials to get new customers.

It’s much easier now – you pay £5 for the starter pack and then get the £5 back when you place your first “full size” order.

Loyal Customer Base

People move away, pets pass on, and today Clare still has approximately 300 loyal local customers including many new customers.

She’s always looking for new customers interested in giving Oscar a try, which is partly why she tries gets involved in dog shows as well as local networking and meeting friends and neighbours of existing customers (her red delivery van is very distinctive too).

Deliveries when you need them

Customer service is a very big part of the Oscar business model.  First and foremost it's that people like feeding good quality dog food, but customers also really appreciate that Clare manages the supply and they don’t run out of dog food!

She’ll regularly email or call to check whether you need a supply, which in our busy lives is always a help. And saves lugging big heavy bags around too.


Give Oscar a Try for a Fiver!


Oscar starter packs are £5 and fully redeemable against first full size purchase.


Call Clare on 01590 681423 or text 07972021062 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Oscar Pet Foods Website





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