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Locally Lymington: Transition and Abundance!  Lots of good things going on to benefit our community


Transition Lymington and Abundance Lymington - working together for the benefit of the community - Poppy Seeds


It’s the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, so for those who don’t already know the good work of Transition Lymington and especially right now “Abundance Lymington”, here’s an introduction written for by Sarah Fawkes on behalf of the Transition Lymington team. Right now it’s big apple collection and preservation time!


Transition Lymington is a group of local people who ‘do stuff.’


We do small things in Lymington that benefit the town. You may not have heard of us directly, but you may have seen the result of some of our projects:


Grow Wild – at the moment there are three local sites that are literally buzzing with wild flowers and insects. Transition Lymington applied for some funding for the seeds for these areas, and pulled together volunteers from its members. The town is now seeing the fruits of our labours in the variety and colourful annual flowers that are blossoming. If you haven’t yet seen them take a stroll down to the very bottom field of Woodside Park, or head round to the back of New Forest Hospital on Ampress Industrial Estate or walk down to Lymington Meadows off Lower Buckland Lane – the colours are spectacular! Hidden from view are more areas of wild flower planting in nine local schools.


Abundance Lymington is a local project which aims to use the abundance that nature provides.


Fruit from fruit trees often remains unpicked and is left to rot, because the tree owner is unable to harvest it or use all the fruit. Volunteers harvest the tree and the fruit is shared out - the owner getting what they want, the volunteers all having what they want and the remainder being shared out to the community. The picks are great fun with all ages participating, swapping stories and recipes as we pick!! We have fruit pickers to loan out and are planning some chutney making events in September and October.


There is a Facebook page 'Abundance Lymington' where details of picks will be posted, or call Emily Hamilton for more information 07779 100187.

Abundance Lymington Facebook Page click here

Jean Genie is an occasional event aiming to show people how to avoid old jeans going to waste, by up-cycling them into something useful. Items that people have made so far are cushions, bags, bunting, pencil cases, toys, phone covers and more… the possibilities are endless. Young or old, new to sewing or an experienced hand, why not join us? Jean Genie events are held in Lymington Community Centre, and the next one is booked for Saturday 14th November 9.30 -12.30pm. Just come along. Refreshments are available.


Transition Lymington - Jean Genie


We have an Energy group that meets every other month. Their aim is to encourage the New Forest's business and residential communities to reduce their energy usage by becoming more efficient, but also to look at different renewable energy options. At the moment they are exploring food waste, which can be collected as a waste product and used to generate methane, which in turn can be used as a source of energy.


Many of our members have been actively involved in the creation of the community owned West Solent Solar Cooperative, located off of Lower Pennington Lane.

Transition Lymington - West Solent Solar Cooperative


Some of our previous events and activities that you also may be aware of are:

• Spring Fairs that we ran at Priestlands School show-casing local food producers and crafts-people
• Bike Week event – including a bike maintenance course, free bike checks and bike security marking
• Helping the Town Council with the creation and lay out of the Deneside Copse Allotments.
• Group activity weighing out 1g poppy seeds and packaging them up to give out to Lymington residents in Spring 2014.


All our projects are very local and involve some basic principles of reducing our waste, generating our energy locally and renewably, eating local seasonal food and protecting our food pollinators.


Transition Lymington Woodside Wildlife survey


We meet once a month in the Thomas Tripp pub, where we discuss and generate ideas. Members themselves take on projects that they do locally, and use the group to support and help. Look out for our apple picking or Jean Genie events this autumn. You can find out more at


Abundance Lymington Facebook group

Or, if you would like to get in touch, please email Kate or Sarah
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