Lymington’s 4th Boat Jumble an outstanding success!

Lymington’s 4th Boat Jumble an outstanding success!

Boat jumble1

9th Lymington Sea Scout Group would like to thank all who donated items and attended their 4th Annual Boat Jumble last Saturday, helping them to raise over £1,450.

The Boat Jumble took place at the 9th Lymington Sea Scout Headquarters in Kings Saltern Road on Saturday 5th March.

“The local community has been so supportive. The boat jumble gave many locals the excuse to clear out boating paraphernalia and water clothing out of their lofts and garages, whilst others came along on the day and went home with bargains!” commented Anne Pike, sea scout leader.


Boat jumble2The group had amassed a vast array of nautical jumble, from dinghies and sails to wetsuits and buoyancy aids; ropes and fenders to cleats and clevis fasteners. Many local residents donated their second-hand sailing gear to the group for them to sell, with others selling with a donation going to 9th Lymington Sea Scout Group.


The event was very well attended and a team of parents and leaders were on hand to assist inside, with scouts on hand to help carry purchases to cars. Hot drinks and bacon rolls were on offer to sustain the shoppers!


boat jumble3“We’re thrilled that 9th Lymington’s 4th boat jumble has been so successful,” added Peter Lashmar of Lashmars Tax Accountants, who sponsored the event again this year. “It is brilliant that our local sea scout group gets so involved in the local community and especially good to give people the opportunity to recycle their boating bits and pieces. It just goes to show that one person’s ‘junk’ is treasure to somebody else!”


The date has already been set for next year’s boat jumble: Saturday 4th March 2017!


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