Elmers Court beautiful riverside setting for outdoor events

Home of the Great Outdoors, and a fabulous venue for a Garden Party!


Elmers Court Queen Mary Lawn is a perfect setting for a special garden party


Garden Party at Elmers Court Lymington to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Sunday 12 June 2016 saw Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel & Resort hosting a garden party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday - and at the same time, the 90th Anniversary of the Lymington Royal British Legion.

This was a “first” for Elmers Court, and the first opportunity too for a number of people to discover its delights!

The early inclement weather cleared to leave a warm and sunny afternoon, and in such beautiful surroundings Queen Mary Lawn was a very pleasant place to take a stroll. In fact the setting of Elmers Court is unbelievably lovely, the lawn stretches right down to the Lymington riverfront affording a fabulous close up view of the river moorings, marinas and the slipway.


Elmers Court Queen Mary Lawn looking towards Lymington River
It’s a perfect venue for all manner of special occasions such as birthdays, prom dinners and weddings, mostly private functions. However on this occasion it was open to all to join in.

And this was a very “inclusive” community event. People brought picnics and were entertained by the excellent, uplifting and entirely suitable music of the Lymington Town Band. Flanking each side of Queen Mary Lawn leading down to the riverbank were an assortment of active children's entertainments together with arts and crafts, afternoon cream teas, a hog roast, Pimms & Ginger Beer Tent, children's painting tent, raffle, family entertainment... and much more for all the family to enjoy.

It was a perfect afternoon too, to stop for a chat.

Captivating Owls - clearly very happy in Captivity


elmers queen 90 celebration - barn owl Lunarelmers queen 90 celebration 12jun16 barn owl Willow


























Courtesy of CSR Falconry based near Southampton, we were treated to a lovely line up of owls on display, with captivating expressions and soft downy breasts. It’s hard to imagine that these beautiful creatures would be ferocious night time hunters in the wild...and these birds certainly seemed content in captivity.


Apparently Barn Owls are very efficient at delivering wedding rings up the aisle! In fact owls often help nowadays at weddings, notably tree house weddings at Beaulieu, and they are also available for other engagements. 


Clare Ryder and her dedicated team at CSR Falconry had brought their owls (and a lone Harris hawk) to showcase how these birds are helpful as well as handsome! They’d be delighted to hear from you and tell you more ... here's a link to their website


Soldiers from the Port & Maritime RLC at Marchwood


17th Port & Maritime Regiment RLC were holding a fundraising raffle for Help The Heroes parachute jump.

17th Port & Maritime Regiment RLC are based at Marchwood, near Southampton. The unit provides the only specialist Port & Maritime, Vehicle Support Specialist, Operational Hygiene, and Mortuary Affairs capabilities of the UK Armed Forces. It deploys regularly in support of operations and exercises around the world, including in support of the Royal Marines.



Soldiers from Marchwood


elmers queen 90 celebration 12jun16 marchwood truck 

From their website as they say: they’re a proud Corps, held in high esteem and well respected by other Regiments in the British Army, and other Armed Forces and organisations across the world, with a reputation for logistic excellence and getting the job done whatever it takes.


We had a lovely chat with Pte Joy - an enthusiastic and motivated soldier, committed to long term service - and his colleagues including a vehicle specialist and a port operator. The visit included a climb into the truck and a good view from up there!








Priestlands School goes Piggy Again!


Priestlands School was on show, with attendant hens of many colours and characters. Alex Jamieson has taken over from Kit Rogers to build upon what he began with his team of enthusiastic pupils. More pigs, more vegetables and much more too. We hope to report more fully on this in the weeks and months to come.



July 2016


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