Efford Recycling centre threatened with partial closure

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Efford Recycling Centre is threatened with partial closure

Are you aware that Hampshire County Council is proposing to drastically reduce the access to the Efford recycling centre?


We have been informed that Hampshire County Council plans to reduce access to public recycling sites across the county, and in particular our local Efford facility.


efford recycling centre 3It's a lovely view,  but we'd rather not queue - any longer than we already do!!


Our local Council is asking those who are willing to do so, to make the County Council aware of our views via email because, whether we personally use this centre or not, it is likely that the changes will affect all of us.





What you need to know before you email - the facts

• from 1st October this year it is proposed to open Efford at 11am (instead of 8.30am) and close at 4pm (rather than at sunset) except for Thursdays when it will not open at all.
• opening will be reduced from 45 hours to 29 hours per week
• average waiting time is currently 15 minutes but will only increase with shorter hours
• an average of 60 cars every hour visit this popular recycling centre so traffic will increase during opening hours
• there are plans for a possible 1100 new homes in Lymington and Pennington in the next few years so capacity needs increasing, not decreasing
• limiting the access to legal recycling increases the likelihood of illegal fly-tipping in the general area


This change is entirely due to a desire to save money. Whilst the necessity of that can be understood, a nominal charge of say £1 per visit levied on all Hampshire's 20 sites would more than meet the savings made through these reductions. This would unfortunately require a change in the law first, but it is clear that such a change would be of continuing benefit going forward.


Our Council urges us to consider taking the time to click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Hampshire County Council and let him know what we think.


Please pass this information on to others even if you are not directly affected by this decision.


Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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