Lymington and Pennington success in South & South East in Bloom Awards 2016.

Lymington and Pennington success in South & South East in Bloom Awards 2016.

Woodside receives Gold Award and Pennington Common is Open Space of the Year!


Flowers on Lymington High Street by Steve ElsonLymington & Pennington did 'blooming' well this summer by achieving the following coveted awards in the 'South and South East in Bloom' awards:

Pennington Common

Silver Gilt Award AND Commons/Open Space of the Year Award

Woodside Gardens

Gold Award

Lymington & Pennington Towns

Silver Gilt Award

St Thomas Churchyard

Silver Gilt Award


gosport street flowers2'South & South East in Bloom' is part of the 'Britain in Bloom' campaign where boroughs, communities, residents and businesses can work together to improve their environment.


The campaign aims to increase the number of people involved in gardening and horticulture and to see the standard maintained or rise wherever possible. It also strives to see improvement in how we care for our environment, including how we care for scarce resources such as water. It is also about how we come together as communities and make a contribution to the above by getting involved and making our neighbourhoods, villages, towns and cities better places to live, work and visit.


It's easy to see why when we have such beauty to enjoy in our locality. Many thanks to Steve Elson for these wonderful images. And well done to all who have helped our town achieve these awards. 


Woodside Gardens in Lymington: Gold Award in the South & South East in Bloom 2016




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