Young people in Lymington can now get Ahead of the Game

Young people In Lymington can now get Ahead of the Game

New programme to give 'the edge' in sport, music, academia - and in life!

Ahead of the game courses for young people in LymingtonThis summer, a series of two-day courses for young people will be running at Lawrence Boxing Club in Lymington. 

'Ahead of the Game' is specifically designed to develop a personalised learning platform to get ahead in life and also in competition, from exams to sporting fixtures. It is designed to physically challenge, mentally stretch, provide strategies to cope with stress and also be an enjoyable approach to fitness.

Pushing for excellence 

Twelve years ago Justin Glasspool and Andy Marshall identified a gap in supporting young people in their push for excellence. They took the decision to join forces and provide young people with the opportunity to develop skills that will give them the 'edge' to succeed. 

Whether striving to succeed in the sporting world, in music, in academics, or just generally in life, there are many physical and mental challenges that need to be overcome on the route to the top. Justin and Andy have devised a two-day programme to help young people learn and develop the skills required to overcome these challenges and get set for excellence. 

Ahead of the game courses for young people in LymingtonGet ahead of the game! 

During the two day programme, the young participants - aged between 11 and 18 - have a lot of fun overcoming challenges. Important elements include body language and first impressions, setting goals and how to prepare yourself for big events. The young people are also set a number of individual and team building physical activities, based around the discipline of boxing.

Ahead of the Game can help to improve self-confidence, develop leadership skills, achieve academic success, have fun and improve fitness, be successful at interviews, set targets and reach goals, overcome physical and mental challenges, build self discipline...and much more.

Over the years the Ahead of the Game programme has had notable success, with several participants going on to secure international and professional sporting careers and places at top universities around the world.

Highly qualified instructors

The Ahead of the Game courses are run by three highly qualified instructors: Justin Whitbread, Andy Marshall and Justin Glasspool.

Justin Whitbread is Director of Sport at Ballard School, following over 22 years as Head of PE at Lymington's Priestlands School. Justin has developed strategies to improve performance and mindset in both academic and sporting areas. By developing bespoke educational experiences, pupils receive mentoring, opportunity and specific strategies to improve their sport. The variety of sports and opportunities is vast and particular emphasis is made on health related fitness, knowledge of games and evaluation skills.

Andy Marshall, teacher for over 20 years, has vast experience in working with young people and helping them realise their potential through a variety of motivational techniques and behaviour management strategies. Andy has played a variety of sports at a high level, notably volleyball at international level.

Justin Glasspool is a qualified Fitness and Health Instructor. He has trained athletes at professional level, including the GBR America’s Cup team and GB Olympic sailing team. Justin is a former Hants and IOW boxing champion and is now an ABA qualified coach at Lawrence Boxing Club. His varied experience as an athlete and trainer has led him to understand the discipline and focus required to succeed and created a real empathy and connection with young people.

Take a look at forthcoming dates for Ahead of the Game courses.


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